A few years ago, Las Vegas was the undisputed headquarters of the vast gambling population. This extravagant city has more 24-hour casinos per square inch than anywhere in the world, and it suitably fits its name as a gambler’s paradise. But in a somewhat bittersweet turn of events, Vegas might soon its status as the single largest enclave of fortune-seekers, courtesy of the internet.

Online gambling, started in 1994, is now a bit more convenient for ardent gamblers than making the long voyage to the desert city. After 24 years, there’s a visible sigh of relief for both upcoming and seasoned players given the marriage between technology and gambling. And the latest of these marriages is what MOG is bringing on board.

What’s The Need For MOG ICO?

MOG BV is an acronym of Massive Online Gambling, a fully-licensed, regulated, but legally operating online gambling company. After launching its first game in 2016, MOG has tremendously grown to a level that it’s seeking to create a massive revolution in the online gambling industry. It is building an ambitious blockchain-based online gambling platform!

With a promise of “offer fair and transparent gambling” for those who prefer to gamble online, MOG wants to remove the bottlenecks around the number of participants in a round of casino. This gambling company also plans to eliminate geographical limitations and ensure more payouts, different from the current 50-70% to as much as 90%.

This stems from the fact that MOG expects the current $110 billion turnovers spent on physical lotteries will cover a large version of the internet in a few years ahead. Presently, payouts from lotteries are about 50%, but the MOG will double it in a bid to make the platform a bit more lucrative.

In a nutshell, MOG is coming up with a fair and transparent gambling platform where players are respected, appreciated and rewarded better. Also, the move in line with where the world is headed to – blockchain, decentralized and token-based ecosystems. It is, thus, the reason for the ICO.

The Whitepaper that details the nitty-gritty about MOG ICO is very clear about the project. First out will be a change in the games available whereby, lottery games will take over, followed by casinos, slot machines, betting, and bingo. As for the native games, expect Lotto Poker and Quick Draw Poker.

MOG ICO Massive Online Gambling Blockchain Project Validity

Physical gambling is worth $359 billion at the moment while online gambling is just $44 billion, which speaks a lot about what’s at stake for the proponents of this project. But, of course, this trend is taking root slowly, especially because of the ease and convenience it brings forth as well as the pleasant experience.

MOG ICO Token Sale

  • Token symbol: MOGGBV
  • Token price: 0.5 Euro
  • Min. purchase: 100 MOGBV
  • Max. purchase: 10,000 MOGBV
  • Purchases: ETH, EUR
  • Tokens: 20 million, 15 million for the token sale.
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Rewards will be paid as ETH

While you could be questioning this ICO and its expected returns, you’ve got no reason to fret because the funds collected will not serve as the initial funding of the project. Therefore, if the targeted 7.5 million Euros are raised, it will be a huge plus for those who gamble online. There will be a state-of-the-art gambling platform.

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