As many people know by now, the world of crypto is slowly starting to seep into avenues such as gaming, VR, social networking etc.This is because the crypto network provides us with various benefits in terms of ease of money transfer, instant processing etc. However, there are still issues to be tweaked, but on a whole this platform seems destined to revolutionize not only the world of payments, but also gaming.

About Mold

Mold has been described by many media outlets as being a “fair and secure distributed gaming platform” that has been designed to promote the development of new games. In addition to this, Mold incorporates easily into our existing computer system, thereby making the trade of items, weapons, armors, and other valuable data within games much more easy and simplified.

Other Key Aspects of This Service Include:

(i) No Third Party Interference: using this platform, it is possible to make in game trades without the interference of any external authorities.

(ii) Good Market Potential: since this service is new to the market, it will take some time for it to catch and become widely used. However, the infrastructure of this platform has been designed in way that it can easily be scaled, as and when the demand for such a model increases.

(iii) Scrutinizable: Mold uses inspection mechanisms that make the flow of funds easy. Not only that, this software also helps prevent the spread of counterfeited money and keeps a close tab on issues related to ‘overlapping transfers’.

(iv) Safe: unlike traditional ‘client-server’ architecture used by most game developers, Mold makes use of a ‘decentralized payment system’, that makes it immune to issues of hacking.

(v) No Added fees: most gamers will know the pain of having to shell out some money at each step of the way when making in game trades. However, with the use of this system, transactional fees are minimized to a large extent.

About Mold Coin

As is quite obvious from the name, Mold coin has been designed to serve as the key currency on this gaming service. Mold tokens can be used either for trade purposes, or for simply operating the platform. Some of the key aspects which set this currency apart include:

  • Mold coin is basically a liquid asset, and this is free from third party interactions.
  • The currency is free of any influence of the RMT market
  • Completely Legal: as of now, there are no legal hassles around the use of Mold Coin. However, in the future this currency may be subject to legal regulations depending on amendments to laws

Token Sale Details

According to the ‘Whitepaper’ supplied by the company, a total amount of 2.5 billion Mold coins will be issued. Out of this total, 2 billion tokens will be sold using an ICO. The remaining 500 million moldcoins will be distributed amongst company members, and other independent investors. In terms of purchase, anyone can buy Mold Coin. They can be paid for via currencies such as ETH, BTC.

From an investor's perspective, we can see that:

  • During the first sale, 1 ETH can get users 15000 mold coins.
  • In the second phase, 1 ETH will be able to procure 12000 mold coins.
  • In the final phase, 1 ETH can allow us to get 10000 mold coins.

If there are any remaining tokens at the end of all three sale periods, the remaining tokens will be ‘distributed to the pre-sale participants according to number of moldcoins they have purchased’.

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