Momentum Protocol

What Is Momentum Protocol?

Momentum Protocol is a digital platform whose ecosystem enables companies to easily transfer their loyalty and reward programs onto the blockchain and transform the way they attract and retain customers in ways never possible before. The following are the highlights of the Momentum ecosystem:

  • A smart contract platform and toolbox to tokenize any loyalty program and put it onto the blockchain
  • A marketplace for middleware, applications, pluggins, and SDKs, built on top of the Momentum Infrastructure Protocol
  • A utility token, the Momentum (MMTM) to power their infrastructure solutions
  • A global partnership network that collaborates to set the protocol standards for tokenized loyalty and rewards programs and implements solutions globally

The platform achieves its objectives by implementing the following:

  • Launching Blockchain-based loyalty: Momentum seeks to enable retailers and brands to easily launch their own token-based incentive and reward scheme.
  • Offering groundbreaking loyalty solutions: it enables solution providers to innovate on top of the Momentum Protocol.
  • Building consumer trust: Protocol has a highly secure infrastructure built to protect customer data and value stored in loyalty programs

Momentum Protocol Project Benefits

The key benefit of the platform is to help drive loyalty innovation around core Protocol capabilities. Users of the platform can benefit through:

  • Mobile Marketing Automation: they are able to target users in real-time, based on smart and comprehensive use of data including location, user attributes, and behavior.
  • Rewarding consumers for their time and activity: this is one of the ways to retain customers. Momentum allows users to activate consumers with the right incentives at the right time in their journey to maximize conversion.
  • User-managed data: this is meant to drive better user experiences. The platform allows members to optimize user journeys and offers according to data collected and provided by the consumers themselves
  • Portable loyalty rewards: with Momentum, it’s possible to allow consumers to exchange retailer branded reward tokens into reward programs or Momentum tokens
  • Understand and optimize ROI: Momentum offers detailed analytics that provides insight into user behavior and the effectiveness of marketing spend.
  • Data transparency and security: With Momentum, it’s possible to provide users with full access and control over their data

The Momentum Protocol Token (MMTM)

Momentum is a utility token that will be used in 4 different ways:

  • As a rewards and loyalty token: The token is used to reward consumers for their attention, business, brand advocacy, and data insights
  • A ‘gateway’ token: the Momentum token enables consumers to convert company branded loyalty rewards into Momentum Tokens, which in turn they can exchange for other reward tokens or cryptocurrencies
  • A platform payment inquiry: companies running solutions on the Momentum Protocol will pay for it in Momentum Tokens
  • A cryptocurrency: MMTM is an encrypted, decentralized digital currency that holds value and is transferred between peers.

Why Momentum Protocol?

Momentum Token (MMTM) is the accepted token on the Momentum platform. The demand for the momentum is fueled by the ever-increasing demand for the token, as transactions on the Momentum Protocol continue to increase. This is true for the following reasons:

  • The Momentum Infrastructure Protocol is the ‘first of a kind.’ The truly disruptive, rewards-based ecosystem stands out and sets a new standard.
  • By using the blockchain, the middleman is cut off completely, which benefits the consumer and gives them a higher value of rewards
  • The Momentum Protocol allows the launch of 1000s individuals reward programs, all driven by the Momentum Token
  • Any existing loyalty or rewards program can easily be integrated onto the blockchain
  • It provides industry experts and seasoned marketing, software and retail traders share the vision that this will fundamentally change an industry
  • It has a dedicated team with significant experience in building some of the world’s leading digital products and solutions for companies worldwide

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