Monaize is an e-banking platform which provides a mobile-first gift account and Industry Mastercard for freelancers and small companies. The platform has an array of 3rd party services and products built into it together with, cryptocurrency wallets, blockchain-based lending and factoring; enabling marketers to focus on their trade.

In partnership with Komodo Platform, an open supply venture that flourishes on fixing existing socio-economical problems thru decentralized applied sciences, Monaize’s joint imaginative and prescient is to bridge banking and blockchain. Monaize Token holders have been rewarded with the KMD (Komodo Coin).

Monaize’s Decentralized Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

In addition to bringing blockchain-based options to Monaize e-banking users, Komodo is also working together with the Monaize staff to offer the world's first Decentralized First Coin Offering (dICO). First coin offerings (ICOs) have been around for quite a while now, allowing investors to purchase a digital money in its early phase at a lower price with the potential for rewards.

This financing mechanism may bring investors big returns in the event of a coin or job gaining in value (recall people getting in on the Bitcoin action when they were worth pennies, not tens of thousands of dollars).

The dICO will allow Monaize users (and the general public) to partake in a public offering of Monaize's very own digital money: Monaize coins (MNZ). However, unlike conventional coin offerings, these can be decentralized. One of the core characteristics making a decentralized offering distinct from traditional ICOs is that the dICO doesn't demand that a human grasp the clients' funds in escrow while the trades are confirmed. This is important as the whole process is automated, supplying the group's clients with much greater security.

Monaize dICO Structure

Rather than having a central party holding and picking over individual transactions, which in some ICOs has attracted negative attention about the potential for scams, the dICO provides customers with an extra layer of security. This will also enable the immediate reception of coins via a peer-to-peer transaction. The development has programmers excited since they will be able to produce their own blockchains independently.

Ultimately, Monaize and Komodo are working on a future in which blockchain technology provides banking customers multiple cryptocurrencies and methods of transacting these monies in an instantaneous and secure manner.


Monaize has massive plans to push the boundaries in blockchain innovation by means of putting in place a blockchain analysis and building workforce to discover the other ways wherein blockchain age will also be built into its services and products together with international debts, KYC at the blockchain, decentralised garage and in program crypto foreign currency wallets to inspire adoption by way of small companies and freelancers.

A complete breakdown of the Monaize ICO can be seen on the company’s website. Alternatively, one can read through the whitepaper that has been posted online that breaks down Monaize’s various features and benefits.

The ICO is expected to conclude within the next few weeks, so interested investors should take advantage of the brand’s offering while there’s still time.

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