For the inquiring mind, Monanex is operations strictly for fiat and digital currency purchases, selling and exchanges. It is unfortunately, a centralized platform in comparison to the multitudes of decentralized organizations now.

About Monanex

On the spectrum of positive qualities, Monanex has a zero flat rate charge for contributors to improve ratio of trader profits. For contributors who trade in MNX tokens for other currencies on the platform, it is a 0% transaction fee, including for Bitcoins or Ethers, according to market price. For all other users in which case, the system charges a 2% transaction fee.

No daily withdrawal limit. The mobile app was released in February 2018, and applications for the internet and the desktop computer will follow after the ICO release.

The Monanex MNX token has a ERC-20 backing, which ensures its compatibility with MyEtherWallet and multiple other cryptocurrency vaults. and 1 Million Softcap, 17 million hardcap, 200 million supply. The company outwardly addresses a slash-and-burn operation for any remaining MNX cryptocoins following the sales timetable.

The presale ICO for the Monanex tokens are offered March 10th – 31st at $.10 per MNX, while the main sale is April 1st – April 18th at a rate of $0.12 per MNX. They even have a third round, which is April 21st and ends May 14th.

Another bonus for users is the referral program during the ICO. Any time an individual refers a new user and said new person goes through the referral link sent to the already established member. The new member purchases MNX, and the referral receives a percentage of that ICO investment. Further into the realm of rewards is the affiliate competition, which eventually adds up all referees and their ICO buy outs from each registered user and is sent to the appropriate wallet.

Monanex Team & Company

The creative brains behind the operation consists of four different co-founders. From the top is Steven Davis, co-founder and CEO of Monanex, who has a craft in entrepreneurship and is an established executive. Next on the forefront is Michal Koper, co-founder and head of financing operations. He holds a CFA and has a history in development of alternative sourced financial ecosystems. Further down the row is John Herndon, co-founder and in charge of partner relations. His focus lies in global networking and uniting others in the company’s quest.
The final contestant is Liam Mercer who is also co-founder and blockchain expert, whose roots lie in global solutions, and development of secure and evolving financial systems.

Currently, there is no one yet in their PR department, social media or advertising, but there is plans in the works for such in the near future according to the Whitepaper.


In terms of any advanced technology that Monanex would have, it seems rather typical for the average user. To clarify, the platform has standard blockchain technology that enables the API functions to support confidential and flawless transactions in the program as well as provide its own auto-scaling technologies. The system refreshed itself every hour and the bots are continuously provided tasks to maintain the efficiency of the programming.

The creators also employed over a thousand bots to determine that all node aspects of the transactions are correct, and confirm the validity of the transaction. The bots are designed to continually create hundreds of orders, and to stop around midnight to count the transaction fees.

No worries on the back up of the transactions; there is always at least three, according to the Whitepaper. All blockchain activity on the APIs is SSL encrypted and bearing a signature to notate the validity, and to provide the total necessary means for privacy between users.

Monanex ICO (MNX Token) Verdict

The website is fairly cut and dry. Standard platform for exchange of currencies.Overall, do we recommend investing in this company? Eh… Take it or leave it really. Monanex does not have any outstanding or unique features that are driving the impulse to pour our earnings or other various crypto coins into it. Exchange rates are reasonable however, which is a bonus, especially if you are mindful of those extra costs.


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