Monarch's Blockchain Wallet Picked For Listia's (XNK Token) Cold Storage Support

Monarch is an example of how ventures are rushing to develop innovative payment solutions that will allow users to convert multiple currencies across different platforms seamlessly. With experts predicting a move forward for the industry and rise in customers numbers, Monarch's infusion of blockchain technology will ensure the demand is met with a robust and secure counter application. Here’s how

About Monarch

Monarch is offering a platform that will have the users link their bank account information, purchase cryptocurrencies and trade in them in under one structure, The plan by Monarch is to integrate a recurring payment tool that will give users the power to monitor, and control their payments subscriptions to services such as utility bills, mortgages, car payments, Netflix, etc. All these capabilities will be available through a simple swipe of the Monarch Mobile app.

The Monarch Online Stores Crypto Payment Exchange Solution

Auto-Payment And Subscription Service Management

The Monarch Hot Wallets gives the individuals and business using Monarch a recurring and subscription-based cryptocurrency payment service. The transaction process involves multiple signature wallets that secure the recurring crypto transactions. The subscription services will be available under the Monarch Smartphone App.

Monarch Password Vault

Monarch will offer a necessary backup recovery system that encrypts the users' password on the Monarch private sidechain.

Subscription-Based Crypto Payments

Additionally, Monarch users will get access to a new initiative that allows them to automatically stream payment to other users or businesses and choose the frequency at which they want the transaction.

Multi-Currency Support

The Monarch platform will allow merchants to accept multiple currencies as payments while customers get to pay for their services in any currency that the Monarch platform takes.

ID Management

Monarch also provides simple identification solutions for, and this will have the users sign up and request the necessary service they would want.

Financial Analytics And Tax Forms

Monarch provides an effortless solution to managing your finances and taxes in one portal.

Monarch Pros

  • The Monarch solution is a perfect fit for businesses, and their capability helps increase profit revenue
  • Monarch Token allows for personalization which is user-friendly to first-time investors
  • The Monarch investors will get benefits in the form of weekly dividends, airdrops, and silver-backed tokens
  • Monarch token already has a working product with its Monarch Mobile App, and this adds legitimacy to the project

Monarch Cons

  • The payment solutions sector has plenty of other projects and Monarch will face competition before making any impact
  • The Monarch Token also has a restriction on its sales with possible country bans for non-Chinese residents and allowing only accredited investors.

Monarch MT & MTS Token ICO Details

Monarch Private Sale

  • Start- May 1, 2018
  • Allocation- 5 %( 25,000,000 MT/MTS)
  • Bonus- 25%


  • Starts- June 15, 2018
  • Allocation- 5% of all tokens (25,000,000 MT/MTS)
  • Bonus- 15%

Public Crowdsale

  • Starts- July 15, 2018
  • Allocation- 40% of overall tokens (200,000,000 MT/MTS)

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker- MT
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Model- ERC20
  • Token supply- 500 million Monarch Tokens
  • Price- 1 MT= $0.15
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC

Distribution Plan

  • Token sale- 50%
  • Development- 27%
  • Tem- 18%
  • Advisors- 5%

Monarch Verdict

The Monarch project seems determined to solve the problems with today's crypto transactions, and it is evident that the ICO could lead to something fruitful. Overall, it best remains safe to watch how the ICO performs within the coming days.

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  1. Solid review, I found Monarch by chance and am a big fan, a few things missed in this article is that:

    Its available now for download and stores all ERC20 and BTC with new updates and coins added weekly
    Its open to everyone where legal not just accredited investors
    Their solutions are patented and they are way ahead of schedule and have huge partnerships, these guys will be first to market in several areas it appears.
    These guys built out a huge chunk of this on their own dime and it works amazingly. I am an investor and I urge you to check them out.

    Thanks for the review, good job


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