Moncrypt is a new kind of banking based on blockchain technology, invented by a group of American-Ukrainian developers. These developers include Oleg Surkov, who finances the project, Igor Yermakov, who works as the lead programmer, Kateryna Mykytiuk, a marketing specialist, and Vladyslav Presnov, a specialist in coordination and communications.

Is Moncrypt legit and secure? Continue reading to find out.

Why Choose Moncrypt?

Moncrypt was launched for the sole purpose of improving the quality of financial transactions by making them instant, cheap, and safe. The developers have published a press release saying that all payments and services under this platform are located and operated in one window. They also say that their solution is easy to use with Telegram bot and the safe to use biometric ID system.

Is The Moncrypt ICO Still Going On?

The Moncrypt ICO was launched on September 20th, 2017 and will continue for an unspecified period. Starting from the launch date and during this period, there is no limit to the number of people allowed to purchase the Moncrypt tokens with the fixed price. You can order as many tokens as you can afford, up to 100,000 tokens at a time. There is no limit to the number of tokens you can purchase. However, your order can only be limited to the number of Moncrypt tokens available.

During this initial offer period, you can buy tokens with an extra welcome bonus of up to 10%. At the moment, the price of one token is fixed at 1 US dollars. You can buy the tokens using various cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and many others. The company says that you can pay through credit card, but this option was not available at the time of writing this review.

What Are The Benefits Of Moncrypt?

The following are benefits of Moncrypt according to the founders:

  • A solution that allows users to handle virtual currencies and make profit from it.
  • Eliminates difficulties when exchanging US Dollars and Euros into virtual currency.
  • Allow users to buy goods, make bets, buy tickets, book accommodation, pay bills, and make bets.
  • Makes it easier for people to transfer money to any country of the world cheaply.
  • Sell anything on the marketplace and earn money.
  • Buy anything everywhere using a virtual debit card securely connected to your crypto wallet.
  • With the Biometric ID system, your money is protected all the time.
  • Receive interest each month
  • Great way to have crypto currency in your wallet
  • Have everything in one place

Are All These Claims True?

Moncrypt is a new biometric security system launched on September 20th, 2017. This system is yet to be tested by users to ascertain the developers’ claims.

The developers say that they provide quick cryptocurrency exchange and immediate transactions, all operated under one window. They also say that they ensure all financial and transaction information is protected in the best way possible and keeps you anonymous whenever possible.

We found this claim true because they have purchased a SSL certificate to secure their site and to ensure all data passed between the browsers and the web remains private and integral. When you try to register for an account, they don’t ask for email verification, names, contact, physical address, or any other personal information. They don’t want you to provide your personal information in order to keep you anonymous all the time.


  • Due to a rapidly changing environment, the prices of Moncrypt tokens may decline, lowering your profits or losing your money in the long run.
  • Buying and holding these tokens involves a degree of risk, including legal risk, technological challenges, cyber security, and much more.
  • No retail or business entity is accepting Moncrypt tokens at this moment, so you have to wait in order to utilize the tokens in purchasing goods or paying bills.

Moncrypt Conclusion

As stated earlier, Moncrypt is a unique technology launched a few days ago. Earning money has never been easy, so you need to be careful before dishing out money to buy these tokens. Check out the Monocrypt website for more information before you jump in.

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