Moneda is a cryptocurrency company that has created a platform for investments primarily based on mobile. The team, which is formed by the co-founders Voicu Apostol and Farzad Nazifi, has realized that there is not enough accessibility for mobile in the world even with this way of accessing the internet being more and more common.

The goal of the company is to fix the main issues that plague the mobile experience for cryptocurrency users while offering a cheap, secure, easy and fast way to exchange or send tokens.

What Is Moneda?

Moneda’s goal is to enable its users to avoid the process of having to go to the online exchanges to exchange tokens, they will be able to do this from the app of the company. The company also offers a wallet so you can store your Moneda tokens (MND) or ETH in this wallet so you do not have to hold your tokens in many different wallets.

This product is made with machine learning techniques, which enables the Moneda platform to use data that could be lost. This data will be collected and will offer real data to back your investments and make them always better.

By using the machine learning techniques, the company is able to show you information about the market and even predict how the market will react to certain events and when you should buy and sell your cryptocurrency.

Another important feature is the Moneda Debit Card. This card can be freely used by the user to access its account on Moneda and use the money there to buy goods or pay for services whenever and wherever it wants. Because of this, your funds will be always safe with you but they will also be at your hand for you to use them as you like.

Initially, the exchange will support only its own tokens and Ethereum. This might change in the future, but it is important to know that the company does not have plans to change its policies about other tokens at the moment before you start to use this platform to invest. The company states that it will “add cryptocurrencies if they make sense and remove them if they don’t”, so you can expect some trial and error with new cryptocurrencies.

Moneda MND Token Sale

The pre-sale of Moneda (MND) tokens is already happening and it will continue until April 30 while the main ICO will start on May 15 and last until July 15, lasting about two months. The soft cap of the sale is 10,000,000 MND tokens and the hard cap is 250,000,000 MND.

Each token will be sold at the following rate: 1 ETH per 5,000 MND tokens but you may get discounts if you buy the tokens soon. If you buy them during the pre-sale, you have the biggest discount: 30%. If you wait until the main sale and buy them on the first month, you get a 15% bonus and 10% until the half of the second month. Finally, you still get 5% bonus even if you buy at the end of the sale.

Moneda Airdrops

Another way to score some Moneda tokens is to participate in the airdrops that the company is having at this moment. You can receive up to 60 MND tokens for free if you follow the instructions.

First, you have to sign up on Moneda’s site, then you have to verify your email and join the Telegram group. After you have already done these steps, you should follow the company on Twitter and fill out a form that will be sent to you. This is all. If you do everything right, you can earn your tokens.

The airdrop will be limited to 50,000 members and if you invite friends, you get extra 5 MND tokens for each user that you referred to the company.

Moneda (MND Token) In Conclusion

While not definitely a platform that you must use, Moneda is actually pretty OK. It has all the features that you might want to have in an exchange and the company looks good enough to give you a good user experience.

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