Ever since the launch of the Bitcoin – a digital currency – in 2009, Cryptocurrencies have continued to evolve. Cryptocurrencies are built on top of the blockchain technology – an innovation that allows direct peer to peer transactions. Every transaction and cryptocurrency ownership is recorded in the blockchain. To acquire Cryptocurrencies, people can trade them with regulated money or through online exchange platforms. However, they can also be obtained through a process called mining.

Cryptocurrency mining includes either tallying transactions to the blockchain or generating new coins which is performed by miners through powerful computers. Their work is to bring to date current transactions and ensure its authenticity which ascertains security and safe record keeping. As payment, miners are paid fees in the form of Cryptocurrencies. In systematic interludes, miners attempt to solve block transactions using cryptographic hash functions. However, mining requires enormous computing resources and specialized software to help miners contest with their peers in trying to solve complex mathematical problems, a feat achieved through mining pools.

What Is Monerise?

A mining pool is a made up of a group of miners who combine their computer resources to capitalize on mining efforts, and share the resulting rewards according to the contributed resources. Monerise is a digital platform that offers users an opportunity to combine their resources and collectively obtain cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for money.

Monerise provides users with an easy to use and fully featured mining application programming interface (API). They can use it to configure computer performance, aesthetics and access settings. They can also set it to run or not run according to command. The API estimates user CPU loads to join their capabilities. CPU variables are denoted regarding percentage and time periods. Additionally, it can identify different devices including mobile and desktops configuration settings. Mining begins or stops by design depending on user visibility and control options. Further, it has crawler detection features to disable mining in the event a crawler is detected. Users can join Monerise by selecting several mining pools to work with.

Can I Use Monerise CryptoNight Web Miner?

Monerise is an open platform, and anyone can use it to generate more income. If you have a website, you can register it with Monerise, tell your users about the mining pools for privacy, and their resources can then be combined to mine new currencies. Monerise can work with your advertising and affiliate programs as they don’t have a stake in your content but mostly the hardware resources.

All Monerise users are assured of support through the platform. Regarding security, the company claims that they do not store user information and as such cannot be a target for hackers. They give users complete control over their earnings in that you can track performance and analysis on the site. Further, users have the freedom to select any blend of mining pools they can handle for their earnings which shows control and transparency on their part. You are assured of receiving 100 percent of your profits depending on the resources you contribute for mining. Monerise is a great way to get started with crypto investing and trading. It is also an ideal platform for extra financial income.

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