Monero Adds New XMR Wallet Features: Lithium Luna, LegerHQ Compatible

Monero is one of the major wallets that consumers subscribe to in the crypto world, which is largely due to the security and ease of use. However, they are also a company that thrives on innovation, constantly looking to improve the user experience, and it seems that they have done so once again. In an announcement on Twitter, Monero said, “Monero CLI v0.12.2.0 ‘Lithium Luna’, which includes full @LedgerHQ support, released!”

Some commenters on the post have noted the long amount of time that they have waited just to connect with their wallet, expressing their disdain. However, Monero tries to reel back control, adding the comment, “The GUI v0.12.2.0 binaries will, probably, be released later this week.”

This new stage of programming on the wallet comes after a system refresh that occurred on April 6th, which helped to broaden the reach of the base ring mark estimate. The data sources were rearranged to avoid inference with the selection of the wallet. The update also changed some parts of the algorithm used to defend their wallets against ASIC attacks. While the update has been long-awaited, it also has corrected a wide range of the bugs that the system has been experiencing.

Basically, the highlights of the release of Lithium Luna are:

These benefits and more have been explained on their GitHub handle. The cause of the update seems to be a consequent of 87 coders that worked to put out 56,735 new lines of code.

Right now, XMR ranks 12th on CoinMarketCap, with a trading value of $162.18 and a $2.6 billion market cap. The weekly growth has been almost 4%.

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