A Monero user called PZ has recently announced on an open letter that, like Litecoin and Bitcoin, Monero would change its algorithm, which could cause a fork in the community. This Monero user, was also an early Bitcoin evangelist, has written an open letter to the Monero community for the continuation of the “Monero Classic”.

The main reason stated in the open letter for the change was because companies like BITMAIN and PinIdea are mining Monero and this change could help them. PZ is against this move because it will increase the centralization of the system.

Not only that, but centralization also makes the whole network less secure, PZ explains, because big mining companies can easily be attacked by DDoS attacks, for instance, or hacked, while a decentralized network has no risk of that happening. So, in the name of the Monero ideal, PZ is inviting the users to vote against the algorithm change.

Will Monero Classic exist or Monero will continue to be the only one? Only time will tell.


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