Monero (XMR) Wallet

XMRWallet Provider Launches New Wallet For Tor Browser

In response to the high demand from users, a new web based wallet has been made available on Tor web browser by the open-source client-side Monero wallet provider,

According to a release which was made available on Reddit some days back, the wallet was released on the web with a unique .Onion which was selected after vetting countless of onion addresses generated.

“After long consideration and hundreds upon hundreds of onion addresses generated to choose from, this was the best pick and easy to remember”, the post stated, highlighting xmrwalletdatuxds.onion as the selected address.

.Onion is a high level domain suffix purposely for labelling a hidden service that is accessible through Tor network.

With the new development, users can now trade anonymously through the asserted first Monero web wallet designed for the distributed and nameless Tor network.

While Monero displays the attribute of privacy and anonymity in the financial world, the Cryptocurrency is seen as a primary choice for users of the Tor network as the combination poses to be promising for promoting obscured financial activity and a completely decentralized future.

Although, in the past, XMR wallet usage and storage experienced complication over the Tor browser because Monero wasn’t built for integration with Tor, but with several steps available on Monero GitHub the Cryptocurrency usage will be made easy.

Similarly, the Graphical User Interface (GUI) of the XMR wallets also experienced some setbacks which necessitates users to transverse some steps to be able to set up the interface and connect to Tor.

Following the development, the producer implied that darknet marketplace users will be granted comfort while with the Xmrwallet’s .onion web-wallet.

As the release signals improvements in marketplaces, it has been hyped with the possibility of shoving in more glories for XMR and Tor users.

In response to the developmental update on Reddit, lovers of the Cryptocurrency was placed in euphoria as they hoped more improvements in coming days.

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