Monetize Coin MNZ

Monetize Coin claims to be a “new generation” of lending platform. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Monetize Coin?

Monetize Coin is a moneymaking platform that promises to make you rich quick with limited work required. The platform is launching through an ICO.

Monetize Coin doesn’t seem to sell any product or service. Instead, the platform is entirely focused on two operations: lending and staking. Investors give money to the platform, Monetize Coin locks up the money, then investors earn enormous returns.

Overall, Monetize Coin claims investors can expect to earn 40% returns per month and more by participating in the platform.

The ICO for Monetize Coin will take place from January 22 to February 14, 2018.

Obviously, when someone advertises 40% ROIs per month, it’s a sign you’re probably participating in a scam. Is Monetize Coin yet another lending scheme? Or is this a legitimate investment opportunity? Let’s find out how Monetize Coin works.

How Monetize Coin Smart Cryptocurrency Lending MLM Works

Monetize Coin’s team claims to have developed a bot that analyzes hundreds of data points “to predict which website visitor is likely to convert on one of the offers we are promoting.”

The company uses data like user location, time of day, browsing device, keywords, and more. In other words, Monetize Coin’s algorithm works just like an advertising algorithm you’d see on Facebook Ads or Google AdWords.

This so-called “MonetizeBot” also has an “automated traffic arbitrage system”. That system was originally developed for a large online casino back in 2008. Basically, the company collects traffic, then sells traffic to affiliate networks.

Ultimately, there are few details about the ad program or how it’s related to the rest of Monetize Coin. Again, the main point of Monetize Coin is to funnel users towards the lending or staking platform. Obviously, even the best advertising companies can’t guarantee 45% returns per month to investors – so it seems the traffic system is unrelated to the Monetize Coin investment opportunity.

Monetize Coin Investment Packages

You can participate in the Monetize Coin lending scheme by purchasing MNZ tokens during the ICO, or by purchasing them from the integrated exchange in the future. Once you have MNZ tokens, you can buy one of four different “investment packages” to participate in the lending scheme. With each package, you can expect to earn returns of 40% per month according to the official website.

Plans include:

  • $100 to $1000: 40% ROI per month, money unlocked after 239 days
  • $1001 to $5000: 40% ROI per month + 0.10% per day, money unlocked after 179 days
  • $5001 to $10,000: 40% ROI per month + 0.20% ROI per day, money unlocked after 120 days
  • $10,000 and Up: 40% ROI per month + 0.25% ROI per day, money unlocked after 99 days

Who’s Behind Monetize Coin?

The team behind Monetize Coin claims to have launched a large online casino back in 2008. Since 2009, the UK-based team has grown. Today, the company consists of “an in-house team of data scientists, frontend and backend developers, data analysts, network & infrastructure engineers, online marketers and conversion optimization specialists.”

Conveniently, the company behind Monetize Coin refuses to disclose its identity. The website doesn’t feature the names of anyone involved with the project. There’s no address listed, and there’s no proof any of it exists.

If Monetize Coin is such a great investment opportunity, then why isn’t anyone publicly associating themselves with it? That’s a good question.

Aside from a single email address ([email protected]), Monetize Coin refuses to disclose any contact information.

The Monetize Coin MNZ ICO

Why is an ad company holding an ICO? Isn’t this just a blatant cash grab? The company claims that they consistently generate $1.01 to $1.10 from every $1 they spend on traffic – but those returns can take two months to appear. They need money for the “float”.

In any case, the Monetize Coin ICO is scheduled for January 22 to February 14, 2018.

Every 3 days, a total of 900,000 MNZ will be available for purchase. The MNZ is an ERC20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The tokens are being sold at a price of $0.37 apiece, although that price rises by $0.10 each round of the token sale.

Monetize Coin Conclusion

Monetize Coin has way too many red flags telling us it’s a scam – even if it desperately wants you to believe it’s a legitimate investment opportunity.

In January 2018, we saw the world’s most notorious crypto lending scheme, BitConnect, collapse and shut down. Bitconnect advertised a virtually identical product to Monetize Coin: despite limited transparency, the company claimed to pay 45% returns per month from some lending scheme. Then, everything abruptly shut down. Unless Monetize Coin reveals more information about itself online, we have no reason to believe it’s a legitimate investment opportunity. Based on everything on the website, this appears to be an obvious scam.

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