Monetize Coin MNZ

With the crypto domain steadily growing, there are new digital investment schemes being made available to users on a daily basis. Monetize Coin is one such venture, and has been described online as being an “advanced monetization and lead generation system”.

This crypto platform makes use of a native technology called the “Monetize Bot” which basically serves as an automated traffic arbitrage system (it was initially conceived back in 2008 for a casino). This system allows for full transparency and provides users with a “real-time view of traffic” so as to see how money is being utilized within the Monetize Coin MNZ ecosystem.

What Makes the Monetize Service Different?

While many other crypto lending platforms claim to make use of “Volatility Trading Bots” to help deliver amazing ROI’s, we are never given any evidence as to whether these returns are actually delivered to customers. More often than not, these projects usually end up turning out to be fraudulent or ponzi based, and thus are not able to sustain any type of long term returns.

However, Monetize Coin MNZ makes use of a “revenue generation system” that is backed by a team of developers, marketers and data analysts whose details can be checked out by visiting the official company website. All of the people associated with this project have been in this domain for a while now, and understand the ins and outs of blockchain.

What’s on Offer?

(i) Lending Program:

One of the core uses of this currency is its ability to be used in various lending schemes that have been designed to help deliver customers with good returns. These packages require customers to invest a certain capital amount, which is then used by the Monetize Bot to help generate steady dividends. However, it should be understood that once an investment has been made, the capital sum is locked in for a certain period of time.

Opportunities Available
  • Investment Amount: $100 – $1000; Capital Return: 239 days; 40% Monthly Profit + Daily profit of 0.05%.
  • Investment Amount: $1001 – $5000; Capital Return:179 Days; 40% Monthly Profit + Daily Profit of 0.10%.
  • Investment Amount: $5001 – $10000; Capital Return:120 Days; 40% Monthly Profit + Daily Profit of 0.20%.
  • Investment Amount: $10,000+; Capital Return: 99 Days; 40% Monthly Profit + Daily Profit of 0.25%.

(ii) Staking:

Another lucrative avenue that is offered to users by Monetize Coin is that of staking. This is done by moving the funds into a “staking wallet” via which a gradual interest is generated upon the coins that have been set aside for this purpose. It should also be remembered that coins that have been set aside for staking can be withdrawn at any time, unlike investments that have been put into lending schemes (which freeze our funds for a certain time period).

In more specific terms, when we stake our assets, the investment cannot be leveraged by the company for other investment opportunities. However, there is still a profit that can be generated (using a fixed interest rate).

(iii) Affiliate Program:

To further incentivise the whole platform, the company offers users with an attractive “referral system” that allows us to earn an income on the side. In terms of how this system works, users are offered a small percentage of the ICO purchase, the lending capital investment and the dividend generated for all of the customers who join the program via our referral. There are five different levels, all of whom offer varying amounts of monetary bonuses.

How Does the Monetize Bot Work?

To start with, the native bot analyses data points that are inferred and collected via the use of information that is available on various exchange sites. These data packets are then fed into an algorithmic module, though which the system is able to predict conversion percentage rates as well as other key information that can help us maximize our returns.

In addition to this, the bot also makes use of third-party cookie data such as user interest, hobbies, age, ethnicity, income level, employment status and purchase intent.

Monetize Coin MNZ Token Details

Monetize coin will be offering its native currency via the use of two seperate sale periods

Pre-ICO Sale:

During this period, there will be a total of 500,000 MNZ Tokens that will be made available to customers. The price of tokens during the pre sale will be maintained at $0.35 per coin. Also, there is a minimum purchase requirement of 100 coins, and only 300 MNZ will be sold to per person during this phase. The pre-ICO sale ends on 20th January 2018.

Initial Coin Offering:

This is the general sale period during which the starting price of tokens will be maintained at $0.37 per piece. However, this sale will take place via the use different rounds, and after each round, the price of each coin will increase by $0.10. Additionally, during the early phases of this sale, there will be a purchase cap of 200 coins per user, per day.

Lastly, according to the official company whitepaper, 100% of all funds raised during the pre-ICO phase will be allocated towards the procurement of advertising rights so as to promote Monetize Coin all across the globe.

For any further details, queries, users have been asked to get in touch with company officials on the following email address: [email protected]

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