For interested game developers or enthusiasts, the mention of blockchain is a good concept that could finally see the disruption of the gaming industry to benefit them. While developers and gamers are facing challenges regarding payment processing, fraud and game item trading, blockchain is proving the ultimate solution in implementing new gaming technology.

Right now, the Monetizr ICO is bringing this capability to developers looking to achieve the goal of benefiting from blockchain technology. Here how you can plug the prowess of blockchain technology to your next gaming project leaving one to concentrate on building advanced and fantastic online games.

What Is Monetizr?

Monetizr is the blockchain-based go-to platform for gaming developers looking to incorporate in-game economies within their creative works. Under the Monetizr game reward engine, the developer gets to integrate a monetization system within the games and reward gamers through the platform's native token for using their time and skill. Consequently, the Monetizr reward will increase the players play time and platform engagement.

How Monetizr Blockchain Game Rewards Engine & Wallet Works

Primarily, the Monetizr token intends to utilize the MTZ token as the official mode of access to playing the games while also getting to earn tokens. The MTZ tokens act as a decentralized and universal currency for gaming and driving player engagement with the gaming developer. Additionally, the tokens can also be in use to establish loyalty programs for brands looking to sponsor the platform's games through the highly targeted campaigns.

Monetizr Benefits

Streamlined Payment

With the in-game fiat currency swapped with cryptocurrency, players receive the right implementation with additional microtransactions to make payments quick and safe under minimal fees or settlement time.

Player Control

By tokenizing the in-game items, Monetizr allows players to have their unique character to purchase the elements without the need for constant verification.

Safety And Security.

Unlike in-game fiat payments, using blockchain provides for an unprecedented level of protection which could encourage gaming developers and gamers alike.


The token-based gaming items decoupled from the game codes and this allows players to quickly transfer items between gaming phases or to other games within the platform entirely.

Monetizr MTZ Token ICO Details

  • ICO: Date: July 2018

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol- MTZ
  • Platform- Ethereum
  • Token type- ERC20
  • Token Price- 1MTZ= $1
  • Hard cap- $20,000,000
  • Soft cap- $2,000,000

Monetizr Conclusion

Overall, blockchain technology is becoming the ultimate solution to monetization any sector within the economy. On the other hand, we cannot officially ascertain the quality of the gaming development platform since much of the concept are still in theory and it would be hard to tell the extent.

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