Pyramid Recruitment and Altcoin Dump Laundering?

According to the information published on their official website, Monetriza aims at creating awareness about the available blockchain-based opportunities. They guide people on the right path to get started with cryptocurrency investing. However, this might be a cover-up for altcoin dump laundering with pyramid recruitment. Read on to find out more.

To start with, there is no proper information about the owner of Monetriza, or who runs it. The domain name, “” was registered privately in October 2017. The rule of thumb is that an MLM company that is mean with information about its operations or ownership is a risky venture to join or trust with your money.

Monetriza Products

Monetriza has no viable products or services that it can directly sell. Its affiliates are only able to market the affiliate membership.

Compensation Plan

As a Monetriza affiliate, you can invest between $300 and $1500 to get a certain value of dumped altcoin cryptocurrencies.

  • $300 package yields $300 worth of dumped altcoins
  • $500 package yields $500 worth of dumped altcoins
  • $1500 package yields $1500 worth of dumped altcoins

Unfortunately, Monetriza leaves some of their statements hanging. For example, it only states that the $1500 package yields “at least 20 different set (s) of coins.” This is confusing because it’s not clear which particular coins the affiliates will receive.

Direct Recruitment Commissions

As a Monetriza affiliate, you can earn direct commissions for each affiliate you personally recruit. Rewards are as follows:

  • Regular affiliates: $20 per each recruit
  • Franchisee affiliates: $25 per each recruit

Residual Recruitment Commissions

Monetriza adopts a 2×24-compensation matrix, which it uses to pay commissions for residual recruitment. This particular matrix puts an affiliate at the top and two positions come directly under them. The matrix splits to generate the second level of a matrix, which creates two new positions each. This process continues up to the 24th level of the matrix. Each new level of matrix houses twice as many positions as did the previous level. The following table illustrates how commissions are paid based on the filled positions in the 2×24 matrix.

Level Commission per position Positions
Level 1 $20 2
Level 2 $16 4
Level 3 $12.80 8
Level 4 $10.24 16
Level 5 $8.19 32
Level 6 $6.55 64
Level 7 $5.24 128
Level 8 $4.19 256
Level 9 $3.36 512
Level 10 $2.68 1024
Level 11 $2.15 2048
Level 12 $1.72 4096
Level 13 $1.37 8192
Level 14 $1.10 16384
Level 15 $0.88 32768
Level 16 $0.70 65536
Level 17 $0.56 131072
Level 18 $0.045 262144
Level 19 $0.36 524288
Level 20 $0.29 1048576
Level 21 $0.23 2097152
Level 22 $0.18 4194304
Level 23 $0.15 8388608
Level 24 $0.12 16777216

It is important to note that both direct and residual commissions are paid annually and users must pay the Monetriza affiliate membership fees. Another wave of confusion is the Leadership Bonus, which is mentioned on the website, with no adequate details.

How to Join Monetriza

For the basic affiliate membership, you have to pay $150 per year. Franchisee membership stands at $3000. It’s also a requirement that you must have an office in your country of residence. The main difference between basic and franchisee packages is the increased commission rates when it comes to compensation. Regardless of the membership package, you must part with extra $300 to $1500 to participate on Monetriza as an investor.

Final Thoughts

If you have some worthless altcoins lying about, you have two options to explore. Either sell them at the prevailing prices and take the loss or establish your own MLM company for possible laundering. Such ideas inspired the formation of Monetriza, which combines pyramid recruitment with altcoin dump laundering.

At Monetriza, you simply part with between $300 and $1500 to receive dumped altcoins at any rate. A lot remains hanging, leaving more questions than answers. Anonymous admins and worthless altcoins with no names provided. Currently, CoinMarketCap is tracing nearly 2000 altcoins, most of which are simply worthless.

When they receive the altcoins, Monetriza affiliates can do whatever they want with them. They prefer selling immediately, at any rate, to avoid further losses as the value decreases.

When it comes to pyramid recruitment, affiliates can part with up to $150 to recruit others who eventually do the same and the cycle continues. Commissions reduce when recruitment slows down. Therefore, Monetriza’s business model is characterized by constant recruitment.

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