Monex Owner of Coincheck Exchange to Open TradeStation Crypto in USA

New Trading Platform to Open in the United States, Owned and Operated by Monex – Crypto Exchange Network

Coinheck a Japanese crypto exchange has confirmed the launch of a new US-based exchange. The Japanese exchange, recently picked up by Monex Group after the exchange was hacked, nearly forcing it to close its doors for use. Monex CEO Oki Matsumoto reported the exchange, which was acquired for $33 Million USD, will launch again in next month.

The group, Monex, has picked up several exchanges and brokerage firms in the last decade, starting with TradeStation Crypto in 2011. Coinheck was originally scheduled for a June launch date, but due to regulations by the Financial Services Authority, the launch was delayed until it met the current FSA standards of procedure and operations.

CEO Matsumoto is still confident that the launch will be a success, upon getting a proper license from the FSA. The exchange will have heighted levels of security to ensure another breach doesn’t occur. Monex recently invested large sums of capital into cyber security to beef up their ability to protect the companies exchanges.

For clarification, Coincheck is still in operation, running with already heightened levels of security. Monex is simply relaunching the protocols for the company later this year, to step up the exchanges capabilities even further in the United States. The investment group sticks to regulations with a very tight rein, as they have recently lost absurd half billion dollars in capital just last January. It was the largest hack in the history of cryptocurrency, nearly shutting the group down. The exchange no longer serves tokens that operate with anonymity, instead choosing to accept only those which can be regulated. The move makes the system safer for users and the group.

The United States is probably the smartest country to create an exchange in, since they’re continually moving the industry forward.

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