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Even though the blockchain industry is experiencing lots of innovations with many interesting projects being implemented, it is clear that acceptance of these decentralized technologies is still a key challenge. Many organizations have questioned key aspects of blockchain technology, including insufficient control, structure and scalability.

Likewise, enthusiasts of blockchain criticize institutions due to their lack of social dimension, centralized environments and rigidity. Read on and discover how Money By Design seeks to gather these two industries together and gain the best advantages of both sectors.

What Is Money By Design?

Money By Design aims to bring blockchain services to institutions with the aim of creating mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved. If you look back at some of the initial blockchain solutions, it is evident that most of the first iterations were designed to become rivals to how institutions conduct their businesses.

Money By Design wants to address this issue by becoming the strategic link between institutions and blockchain as these two key players are considered as societal markers of trust.

Bringing Smart Tokenization To Institutions

Smart tokenization is a key pillar of Money By Design in their approach towards establishing a better economic model by bridging the huge gap between blockchain technology implementation and institutions. The tokenization process itself is not a new idea, as it is currently used by banks and other institutions to create unique identifiers for sensitive data to ensure utmost security even if the data is intercepted.

Smart tokenization takes this technology to the next level by adding enhance user identity, invoicing and transaction data. The implementation of smart tokenization in Money By Design can help unify the three key markets, including monetary, technological assets and financing markets to create a better integrated economic system.

Money By Design Benefits

Funding Development Projects –

Money By Design offers an innovating funding solution that allows users to set up unique cryptocurrencies that can represent the value of authenticated assets. This will provide governments and organizations a wider variety of options for monetizing their assets to fund projects, particularly for converting charity donations to investment.

Strategically Positioned Blockchain Solution –

Money By Design is a legally compliant and decentralized blockchain solution that specializes in providing smart tokenization services and acting as a bridge between the blockchain world and institutional finance.

Smart Currency –

The GeoToken (GTK) that will be used on this platform is a smart augmented cryptocurrency with multiple functions like accounting, measuring, value production, guarantee and contractual features among others. The GTK will go above and beyond the normal payment functions and it will be based on a stable regulation mechanism for sustained growth and price stability.

Money By Design GTK Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: GeoToken (GTK)
  • Total Token Supply: 43 billion
  • Tokens available for sale: 30.1 billion
  • Token Cost: 1GTK=1 eurocent
  • Token Soft cap: 300 million GTK
  • Minimum Investment: 100,000 GTK or 100 Euros

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