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The Money Energy community is a financially aware social network and a big business Centre. The money energy platform creates a decentralized business engine based on the money energy financial social network. Blockchain votes are the one that defines project evaluation on this platform.

The initial strategy of the platform involves the investment of the community assets that are collected by use of an ICO. These assets are invested in different ways. Each money energy (ME) token holder is able to change the direction of the development strategy by voting. ME token holders further benefit from the increase of their tokens value as the project evolves.

The community is made up of traders and investors. The one goal of the platform is to achieve a stable income. The developers of the platform have experience and they will invest wisely to raise their own funds. The goal is to come up with a perfectly balanced and decentralized business engine based on money Engine. The best investors in the community will make money through investments. The best programmers will create working applications and the best directors will run businesses processes. The system has the motivation and the awards for this to happen. Tokens are already integrated into the social network.

The ME Token

This token provides each holder with a share of the Money Energy community including the community resources, properties, and any gains from income that belongs to the community divided into the size of the community share.

The token also gives the holder the voting rights. The voting right is equal to the number of tokens each person has. The tokens are used for electing of moderators, managing directors. They are also used to vote for projects and approvals of development paths.

The token allows the holders to pay for content and other services of the community. Organization of the community activities is also possible due to the ME tokens.

The money energy tokens number is limited to 1,000,000 ME tokens until the final issue where each holder of the tokens can buy more or sell their assets on DEX exchange after the issue.

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The ME token is based on the WAVES blockchain. During the ICO and after, investors can trade the token on DEX exchange found on the platform. The platform also has a mobile trading app.

Investors who wish to participate in the tokens distribution will have to create a WAVES crypto wallet, then send the necessary amount of WAVES cryptocurrency from one’s wallet to the address of the issuer after adding the description ICO to the transaction. Investors will get their ME tokens according to the exchange rate and according to the distribution rules.

Currently, the final ICO round is underway and it is set to end on 1st July 2018. The maximum tokens each participant can buy are 25,000 ME. The total number of tokens to be distributed are 250 000 MEs. Investors can use WAVES, ETH, BTC, LTC, ZEC, and BCC cryptocurrencies for payment. The token price for distribution is determined by the last exchange quotation of each ICO period.

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