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Money Revealed: 9 Episodes of Tell-All Moments from the Wealthy and the People Who Advise Them

Financial security is an important issue for many people. The simple act of creating a stable environment for money in someone’s portfolio can mean the difference between foreclosing on a home and retiring early. There are plenty of “get rich quick” schemes on the market today, but that is not what Money Revealed is about with primary focus on knowledge featuring over 40 experts and high profile guest contributors.

The jam-packed docs-series Money Revealed is endorsed by frontrunner Robert Kiyosaki and is centered upon debt, taxes and the impending economic collapse. It gives multiple mentions to cryptocurrencies as being the future of finance and how many works.

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While there are many quotables in the Money Revealed film's trailer (ie “they tax the stupid” or “using debt to get richer” or ‘cryptos are dominated by banking interests' or ‘capitalism is the greatest thing ever created') surrounding the bigger implications of blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies from the likes of Overstock's Patrick Byrne going all-in or how crypto is attracting the highest caliber coders and smartest finance experts, this is a full-tilt futuristic viewpoint of what the future looks like of creating, saving, keeping and/or making money with a new approach and insight. While Bitcoin is only a small portion of this Rich-Dad Poor-Dad led Money Revealed movie docs-series, it features soundbites from industry leaders and entrepreneurs about its undeniable use case as an online financial payment system.

Watch the video and hear why crypto is an integral component to the docuseries but also covers Real Estate, Stocks, Business, IRA, 401(k), Annuities, Bonds and ROTH as main focus points inside the free Money Revealed movie hosted by chiropractor-gone-filmmaker Jeff Hays and business partner Patrick Gentempo.

The first episode on April 23, 2019 features over three dozen self-made millionaires, multi-millionaires and even billionaires along with their wealth advisors to reveal there is no singular path to wealth. Being described as the place with the ‘latest wealth building secrets', let's review the Money Revealed to see why the promo says ‘to go into debt as far as you can'.

What Is Money Revealed?

Money Revealed discusses multiple topics over the court of nine episodes. The nine episodes unravel the secrets of 36 people with substantial wealth, showing the public moves that they have made to advance their finances. According to the advertisements, the “experts” included in the series have been featured in publications like Forbes, Fortune, CNBC, CNN Money, Fox Business, and Harvard Business Review.

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Every one of these advisers, millionaires, multi-millionaires, and billionaires have different stories that have led them to the wealth that they enjoy today. With access to this program, consumers will be able to learn:

  • What the wealthy understand about money that less-profitable consumers do not know
  • Which opportunities are coming soon that will usher in a new generation of entrepreneurs and investors
  • The force that is more destructive than anything else in the financial industry, which consumers are probably ignoring.

There has yet to be someone in the world that could not benefit from a little more money, but that’s not what this program is about. Instead, the program aims to show the everyday consumer these options, giving them a piece of the $9 trillion pie that changes hands around the world today. The creators of the program state that it does not matter if this investor has “a lot or a little today” to get the benefits of being a part of Money Revealed.

The Episodes

As stated above, there are a total of nine episodes that consumers will have access to by registering. While consumers will not be able to access the content without the free sign-up, the advertisement offers a breakdown of each of the episodes, including who speaks during the episode and what they will reveal.

moneyrevealedmovietruthaboutwealthcastDuring episode 1, consumers will see Robert Kiyosaki and David Gardner. Kiyosaki’s discussion will center around three particular topics – the way that the wealthy use debt to get richer, the investments that can make it possible not to pay taxes, and how he sees the oncoming economic collapse coming. Gardner, on the other handle, will describe the way he went from a “family joke” to a reliable and thriving business. He will also address a small change that consumers can make in traditional stock investing that will help to improve the world and the amount of returns, while adding in the investments that consumers can make at any life stage.

The second episode features Garrett Gunderson and Ray Blanco. Gunderson’s discussions feature important information surrounding the ways to achieve financial freedom and changes that consumers can make during retirement. Blanco’s discussion starts off with some major healthcare investments that consumers can make, along with the hot spots of the stock market. This episode will also deal with cryptocurrencies, and what areas that Blanco believes will fall into the most profit.

Andy Tanner and Roger Hamilton take center stage for the third episode. Stocks, how “the system” takes money from consumers, and what could send the stock market into shambles are the main topics of discussion for Tanner. Hamilton, on the other hand, wants to help consumers understand entrepreneurship, teach them about a Japanese concept that he promises will advance the wealth of users, and why this is a great time to gain more wealth.

Episode 4 brings in three people instead – Mike Dillard, Paul Zane Pilzer, and Ryan Moran. Dillard is a little more personal than the others before him, revealing a lesson about himself that led him to the wealth he knows today. He also addresses Security Token Offerings and other cryptocurrency endeavors. Pilzer speaks to the individuals responsible for money-based decisions, adding in information about real estate, being an entrepreneur, and how to become “free” from “the need to work.” Moran hopes to engage watchers with information about getting started on a million-dollar business and explains which three assets that Moran uses his business profits to purchase.

John Mackey and Justin Harrison are the subjects of episode 5, collectively speaking about the habits of wealthy people and how Mackey established himself as an enemy to many people on Wall Street. It also includes how Harrison can credit much of his success to macaroni and cheese.

Single family homes will likely be interested in what Ron Phillips has to say in episode 6, as he teaches ways to establish and grow wealth in these settings. He is joined by Scott Picken explains how there’s a type of asset that will allow consumers to engage in travel without losing money. Picken also goes into the “5 Rules of Collaborative Investing,” and how he is using cryptocurrency.

Episode 7 introduces the consumers to Patrick Byrne, Ali El Husseini, and Jonathan Johnson. This episode features much more information about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Byrne attempts to predict what’s in store for the crypto industry and explains the benefits that blockchain technology provides for third-party countries in their infrastructure. Husseini explains what exactly blockchain is, along with how various jurisdictions around the world are adopting it. Jonathan Johnson speaks to the way that Bitcoin needs blockchain technology, and how investors can get involved.

Consumers will see Ryan Levesque and Douglas Andrew during the eighth episode. Levesque discusses the creation of businesses from home, and what a market needs to be considered worthy of pursuing as a new business. Andrew will talk about more traditional financial products, like 401(k), IRA, and other accounts, along with how they have a flaw that is directly built into their creation.

The final episode stars Jason Fladlien and John Carter. Fladlien, one of the youngest experts to be involved with this project, speaks about the way to sell products through Amazon, and how to determine if a project will be worthwhile to sell. Carter tells a personal story, much like Dillard in episode 4, though he discusses a simple trade in high school and how it led him to perform and teaching lucrative trades.

The entire program is hosted by Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Mr. Jeff Hayes. Dr. Gentempo is a chiropractor who eventually left the medical industry to pursue film-making in 2011. Hays is a filmmaker as well, but with two decades of experience under his belt. He has pursued multiple health documentary projects, including “Bought,” “Doctored,” and “Undoctored.”

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Accessing Money Revealed

In order to gain access to Money Revealed, interested participants will need to enter their email address at the top of the main website, along with their name. Users can watch the series for free, but the episodes will be made available over the course of two weeks.

For any questions about the registration or the program, send a message to [email protected]


The Money Revealed program points out an important fact – this type of information is not taught in schools. Only during specialty programs do students ever learn about stocks, bonds, cryptocurrency, and other financial products, if at all. Going into the real world, the opportunity to have all of this information in one place is basically non-existent. With no actual price, this program could give consumers a perspective on finance that they may never have entertained before.

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This review was researched using a strict objective process but does contain links in this post which will result in referral compensation. 

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