Money Trade Coin, found online at, aims to be a safer, more popular cryptocurrency. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is MoneyTrade Coin?

Money Trade Coin, or MTC is a cryptocurrency created in Dubai. The goal is to create a superior version of today’s leading cryptocurrencies, including a currency with faster, more secure transactions.

Overall, there’s limited information about the project available online. There’s a one page website that features a brief overview of the currency and how it works, including the corporations that own the MTC intellectual property. However, there’s no technical explanation or description of what makes Money Trade Coin different from other currencies on the market today.

The currency announced the launch of futures contracts on December 17, 2017. Money Trade Coin first appeared online in Q3 2017. In October, the company announced it had partnered with the royal family of Bahrain to launch a digital currency wallet.

Don’t confuse Money Trade Coin with a similar currency called My Trader Coin, which was launched as part of an MLM scheme in March 2017. The two projects are unrelated (although both use symbols like MT Coin and MTC).

How Does MoneyTrade Coin Work?

The official Money Trade Coin website doesn’t feature much information about the coin, the project, or its goals. The only real information we have about Money Trade Coin comes from an initial press release submitted on December 17.

That press release claims that Money Trade Coin will launch futures and options contracts in March 2018. Those futures and options contracts will be available for MTC coins, and you’ll be able to trade them on

Futures and options are derivative contracts typically used for commodities and financial products. In recent months, a growing number of firms have begun to offer futures and options contracts for cryptocurrencies.

The Money Trade Coin website mentions that the currency has been featured on major media outlets like CNN and the Saudi Daily Record. However, we can’t find any further information about Money Trade Coin available online.

Meanwhile, a news article on the Money Trade Coin blog explains that the royal family of Bahrain has partnered with Money Trade Coin to offer a cryptocurrency trading platform and wallet.

Who’s Behind MoneyTrade Coin?

Money Trade Coin is jointly owned by a Dubai-based firm named Bitcoin Global FZE and Money Trade Coin Ltd, which is registered in the UK. A man named Amit M. Lakhanpal is the Director of Money Trade Coin Ltd. Lakhanpal is also a key member of Bitcoin Global FZE and of Flintstone Group, an India-based firm.

MoneyTrade Coin Conclusion

Money Trade Coin claims to be a “new age currency” that will revolutionize the world. In reality, we can’t find much information about the project available online. The blog links to a story where the royal family of Bahrain partnered with Money Trade Coin to launch a wallet. The website, however, has no whitepaper or technical information about the project – like what makes it different from other cryptocurrency projects.

Ultimately, it’s not really clear what Money Trade Coin is, how it works, or why you’d want to invest. You may want to wait for more information to appear online.


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