MoneyTree is an upcoming social economy, developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The decentralized platform offers users the ability to earn MoneyTree tokens (Tree Tokens) for basically spending their time on the platform. The site has launched pre-ICO on October 24th through November 7th. December 1st, the ICO opens officially to accredited investors only.

What Is MoneyTree?

MoneyTree is a social site built on the Ethereum blockchain, that rewards its user for contributing to the site. Posted user content is monetized and paid with MoneyTree tokens (also referred to as Tree Tokens) but the platform also offers an art market, crowdfunding, lottery, and advertisement. The value of each post and it's reached will be decided by an algorithm.

All posted content, regardless of what it might be, will not be deleted by the site without the global majority's approval, thanks to a peer-to-peer technology which is able to operate without a central authority.

The currency can be earned and spent on the site but also can be cashed out for USD, EUR, Yen or the T Visa Card. (A T visa card can be used to make an investment in the blockchain or to make online transactions.)

When MoneyTree users join, post content, like an update or a video or generate up votes, they will earn tokens which they are able to spend in the platforms art market, buying lottery tickets, place ads or even send to other users via crowdfunding.

In detail, here is how you can earn tokens and how you are able to spend them:

Earning Tree Tokens
  • Posting videos and photos
  • Participating in the TREE lottery
  • Share Crowdfunding
  • Converting referrals
  • Posting content
  • ​Selling in the Art Marketplace
Spending Tree Tokens
  • Purchasing lottery tickets
  • Purchasing ad space
  • Sending tokens to other users
  • ​Purchasing in the Art Marketplace

Co-Founder Angel Ace-Atencio describes the site like this:

“This is a big step forward for people who love social media but don’t know that their data is collected for profit.  Without having to alert or compensate them, users’ information is used by the social media giants like Facebook and Twitter to make money without their consent or privacy.  We believe it’s time to change that with MoneyTree where user data is not collected, we pay for content, and fraud is obsolete because of cryptographic security.  This is a power to the people move, period.”

MoneyTree ICO Details

The funding cap of the MoneyTree ICO is 170,000 Ether. During pre-launch, the bonus was 25%. Starting with the first week Bonus from October 25th to November 1st, 15 % bonus could have been made. During November 2nd until November 9th, the bonus is at 10%. 300 Tree Tokens will be available for 1 ETH.

  • Week 1 Bonus (10.25.17 ~ 11.01.17) – 15% Bonus
  • ​Week 2 Bonus (11.02.17 ~ 11.09.17) – 10% Bonus
  • Buying Details of Money Tree token given below
  • Price:- 1 ETH=300 TREE

Leftover tokens, MoneyTree will use on the platform for lottery tickets, advertising and posting bonuses.

MoneyTree Summary

The idea of a decentralized social site that is built on the blockchain technology and is rewarded with its own currency sounds to fit into our fast-moving, modern times. Still, before investing into any ICO, the risks of investing should always be calculated. More info and details about MoneyTree and the Tree Tokens can be found on the company's website.

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