Are you looking for a site to invest in that will offer you the most return on your investment? Perhaps you are just starting off as an investor and looking for a site that will pay you fast. Introducing Monte Trader.

Monte Trader is a site that was founded by a group of foreign exchange dealers and entrepreneurs. The site offers stable investment opportunities on a global scale and welcome people from all walks of life. They pride themselves on being able to find viable businesses and invest the funds to gain the maximum return with low risk.

What Is Montetrader?

According to, was registered October 26, 2016. The site is set to private making it difficult to determine who runs the show. What is interesting is that the site doesn't offer any information on who the foreign exchange dealers are or the group of entrepreneurs. There is no information found on the site what so ever.

However, MonteTrader does have a social media presence on Facebook. The Facebook group is a closed group and is only available to members. Yet, when you look through Facebook feed you will see a lot of people claiming that the site has paid them. Many of these people are in different countries all promoting MonteTrader.

Montetrader Products

The site doesn't offer any real products or services. The only thing a member can do is promote the membership to others and hope to cash in on the referral commissions.

Montetrader Opportunity

There are two different ways for you to earn with Monte Trader. The first is by investing your money into the company. The second way is by recruiting people.

When it comes to investing, the site offers different plans for you to sign up in. You have your choice of depositing $1 to $10,000 for 30% ROI for five hours. Or you can invest $2 to $20,000 to earn 18% ROI for nine hours. You could also deposit $3 to $30,000 and earn 9% ROI for 20 hours.

Then there is the ability to deposit $4 to $40,000 to earn 700% ROI after five days. If you want to go big you can choose to deposit $5 to $50,000 and get 900% ROI after seven days or deposit $6 to $60,000 to earn 1500% ROI after 10 days.

If investing isn't your thing and you are a people person then you can make 10% referral commission per sign up.

Montetrader Verdict

There are a lot of red flags that come up when looking at this site. The first major red flag pops up just by looking at the ROI’s. There is no way a site can sustain itself and promise its members 1500% ROI after 10 days. The numbers just don’t add up.

Maybe they could get away with 9% or even 18% after 10%, but 1500%? That just seems too good to be true.

The second red flag comes from the sites “Rules” page. On the page, you will find a list of rules that must be obeyed for you to make money with the company. One of the ‘rules’ states clearly that Monte Trader is not for the general public.

Then it proceeds to list the different laws in the United States that it is going around by stating that it is ‘a private transaction’.

You will also learn by reading that page how the site isn’t insured by the FDIC. It further states how it can change the rules at any time.

Of course, when you look at everyone on Facebook ranting and raving about getting paid with Monte Trader, you might be tempted. If you are, then at least know you don’t have to fork over much money. The site allows you to invest as little as $1 to see if it is a good fit for you.

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