Investing in a platform that will help you grow finically is a goal that we strive in attaining, and in this case especially if you are also looking to add some adventure in your life, the Moocharoo platform should be the platform you are a part of. Read on as we review the features the company has been packed with to ensure the success of your investment goals.

What Is Moocharoo?


The company primary goal is to help the various adventurers in enjoying more adventures more frequently than they do with a larger group. So if you are a person that is looking for adventure and exploring the world, this might just be the platform you should be a part of. So what are the key features you can enjoy once you are part of this platform?

Moocharoo MLH Token ICO Details

About Moocharoo ICO On MLH:

  • Token Symbol: MLH
  • Token Sale Start: 2nd QTR 2018
  • Total Supply: 48 Million

Moocharoo Features

This platform is definitely the one to be with if you have a script for adventure. Some of the features you will be able to enjoy are discussed below.

An adventure map. The map is able to help you find some of the hotspots you should explore, trails to follow, routes, groups and the activity centers that are nearby. The good thing is wherever you might be in the world you can find the events and meets ups that are taking place near you.

You can enjoy some discounted accommodation. You can go on adventure twice as long as you would have planned at 50% off. What could sound better than this? You are able to enjoy these benefits at all the Moocharoo Club owned Resort and Hotels.

You have voting rights. The platform is a decentralized club management, so this means as a member you are able to vote on a number of club activities. It is from the best location to acquire assets, the assets to acquire and how much the current members should be paid per month. It truly is a community once you join.

There is also event sponsorship. If you are looking to get aid to realize your dream of embarking on an epic adventure, then we have good news for you. As the members can also vote on the adventures that really deserve the extra support.

These are just some of the features you can enjoy once you join the platform. Did we forget to mention that the company has made membership free? Well, it is, all you will need to do is just deposit a Moolah Smart Asset Token, just to show proof of stake of the club. Registration on the platform will just take you a few minutes; then a simple KYC check will be performed.

The KYC check is just to verify your current passport because without one you will not be able to enjoy the adventures that are waiting for you on the platform. Once you have deposited your Moolah into your account, you immediately enjoy the perks of being on this platform. It from the free prizes and the collaborated funds, and the good thing your deposits can be withdrawn at any time you would want.

Moocharoo Conclusion

If you are looking to make your investments and your life just a little bit more enjoyable that is filled with different adventures; then this is the platform for you. You could start off with the prospective member option just to see if it is truly the platform for you. And if you feel it is a community you would like to be a part of you can bump up your membership level, you have four options that you can choose from.


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