The 21st-century employer uses pre-digital mechanisms to recruit employees. Most recruiters will publish a listing looking for a given skillset. The process is resource intensive for the organization and the changes in the firm means the skillsets might only fulfill the firm’s short-term needs.

This leads to resourcing and product development challenges as there no skill set to fulfill the needs of the projects. It also leads to employee disengagements due to changes in their responsibilities. Additionally, the current recruitment process relies heavily on the trust of the posting and resume provided by the candidates.

In blockchain space, these issues are especially evident as very few candidates are qualified and very few people are able to evaluate the skill sets of the candidates. It is against this background that Moonlight was developed to solve these issues by use of blockchain technology.

The platform leverages given industry standards concepts and those instituted by the city of Zion Foundation to come with an ecosystem that optimizes employment from both the employee and employer perspective, which improves confidence in project success.

What Is Moonlight?

Moonlight wishes to redefine employment recruitment. The decentralized platform is built on the trusted NEO network. It will change the way employers recruit and scale their workforce.

The platform has a matchmaking algorithm that is built into the smart contract. The algorithm provides recommendations to employers based on the individual’s skill set. The public will be able to access the smart contract version of the matchmaking protocol.

The goal of these tools is to reduce the compartmentalization of resources that have historically encumbered the product development process to build a workforce platform for the smart company.

Moonlight NEO Smart Employment Workforce & Talent Matching Features

Resource Identification

The platform has a matchmaking protocol that pairs tasks to organizations that might want to complete them.

Advanced Project Coordination

The platform will use trustless data sets to provide advanced project tracking tools.

Trustless Resumes

Tasks that are completed in the moonlight platform will be available on the public ledger on the Neo blockchain and will be available for anyone who needs to check on another person’s experience.

Crowdfunding Solution

Those who have crowdfunding needs can use moonlight to improve their project transparency.


The platform will help handle organizations remittance needs and reduce their projects costs.

Decentralized Staffing

There will be numerous employees available on the platform from all over the globe. Employers can choose employees who meet their projects needs from the platform.

Moonlight Lux Token & ICO Details

Moonlight will introduce a divisible high supply system token that will be called Lux. The token will use a similar multi-token UTXO operating mechanism such as Neo and Neon exchange to provide value to the token holders. Those who will be holding Lux will be awarded GAS periodically in line with the number of Lux tokens they hold.

One billion Lux tokens will be minted and 50% of these will be provided during the pre-sale and the main ICO public sale to investors. The exchange rate for the token is 2000 Lux/Neo, 800 Lux/Gas, and 1500 Lux/ Eth. The public token sale will occur in the second quarter of 2018.

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