Morgan Creek Digital Assets' Anthony Pompliano Leads CityBlock Capital Investment Funding

Anthony Pompliano, founder of Morgan Creed Digital Assets, announced his firms most recent seed round investment in CityBlock Capital to raise funds on a city-by-city basis.

CityBlock is a digital venture capital platform that responds to limited partner interest by tokenizing in early-stage funds. This enhances levels of transparency and reduces barriers to investment. Investors can purchase CityBlock tokens, which then are used to contributed to various funds. After the fund is closed, local investment teams receive the investor contribution so that they can distribute the funds.

The funds are they distributed back to limited partners once CityBlock undergoes a liquidation event. The investments, as users can tell, are pre-seed and focus on startups “building the ‘picks’ and ‘shovels’ infrastructure for the web 3.0.” Investments can be made by debt and equity financing or security tokens.

Pompliano, when announcing the venture, stated,

“Most funds require individuals to fill out physical paperwork, offer limited transparency and information, provide near zero access to GPS, optimize well-connected US investors, and require a multi-year lock ups.”

CityBlock is also launching a round in New York City and conducting a pre-sale of NYCQ tokens.

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