What is MorphX?

Morph is a new company that believes in a new age for ecommerce. One where people can find underground, exceptional designers and get clothing that fits them like a glove. They want to have a positive impact on the world according to them.

How Does MorphX Work?

They gather the creativity of the most innovative fashion designers and quality brands on a global scale in one easy to navigate market space. Their goal is to make it easy for customers to find the designs they want and feel that fit them best. Most people have an ideal vision of how they would like to look and MorphX is the new company that is looking to help people achieve their goals. They use new technology that ensures customers that they will get the exact fit of what they purchase. They also say that the faster they find quality labels and designers, the faster they can their customers the perfect fitting, ideal and absolutely impeccable items they’ve been looking for. Also, 20% of all MorpX profits will help build other equal opportunities and emerging market spaces.

They use a mobile 3D scanner that will help people get the perfect fit. Without this, MorphX wouldn’t work, it’s the bread and butter of the company. It’s like having a physical robo mannequin that could shape shift into body size or type. With their technology, you’ll be able to see just how an outfit will look on you. It’s said to be a smart marketplace that is simple to navigate and ideal for people looking for unique articles of apparel that are tailored to their personal image and style. The store will have specially selected designers and labels that are ideal for all types of customers.

MX Circle – This area is where customers can find the brightest minds and fashion styles as well as emerging trends and even entrepreneurs. Innovation is everything in the eyes of MorphX.

MX Foundation – This is the solid core of the platform. And 20% of all profits will go to new markets that will encourage people to become entrepreneurs themselves. There will be people here who are underpaid in fashion industry but highly engaged in it, looking to do things for themselves.

People will be able to discover the coolest labels and brands out there. One’s that have yet to hit mainstream media or be mass produced. And with their advanced technology, you’ll be able to filter your vision and searches to find exactly what you’re looking for. The purpose of it all is to get customers items that fit, because as of now 40% of all returns online are because an article of clothing didn’t fit properly. You’ll also be ale to track, rate and then rock your chosen purchase.

MorphX in Conclusion

It’s a new concept, one that will take some time to get the ball rolling, but MorphX is looking to change the entire fashion industry. If they do as promised, their company will take off for sure.

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