More and more enterprises are attracted to the blockchain. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that manages transactions on a peer-to-peer basis, as opposed to having to make deals via an authoritative figure.

What makes a decentralized system preferable is its ability to provide transparent transactions, increased security and anonymity, and ultimately a sense of control over one’s own digital assets. While the Bitcoin was the first of its type to introduce the notion of cryptocurrency, many coins soon followed with some serving useful purposes, while others not so much. This is where the MOS Coin comes into play.

In general gambling is risky, just like investing in the stock market, but to what extent is, the lottery for instance, random and not controlled by a third party? The MOS Coin came about because of the need of fair games where the lottery numbers are chosen at random. The following will provide consumers with an in depth look at the MOS Coin with respect to its purpose, team, and Initial Coin Offering.

What is MOSCoin MOS?

MOSCoin MOS is a completely decentralized stock market lottery platform that focuses on transparent and fair games. MOS’ smart contract is worth mentioning, as it ensures that a player’s bet, end results, jackpot management and sales fund distributions are not manipulated and are transparent through the ledger of transactions. The numbers are also randomly chosen by picking the last two digits of the stock market index, thereby increasing fairness in all games.

Some concerns that may arise include the payout for the winner and the initial pool. Is there a possibility of an over betting occurring? Based on MOS’ Automated Calculation System, over betting is not possible because it ensures that the initial pool of funds is available and exceeds the betting amounts, that way winners receive their payments.

Where Does the MOSCoin MOS MOS Token Come into Play?

In order to participate in the MOS Lottery, MOS tokens are required. Consumers can take part in the first to eighth digit number games and choose numbers ranging from 0 to 9. In order to get hold of the lottery ticket, MOS Tokens must be exchanged. The overall winnings depends on how much has been placed in the bet. The increased digit games are more likely to yield larger winnings compared to single digits.

What Can Be Said About the MOSCoin MOS ICO?

In order to take part in the token sales, one must sign up to reserve a spot. The sooner one takes advantage of the ICOs, the better, as there are many more perks.

The current going price for 120 MOS tokens is 1USD, which is significantly low, therefore making it ideal to purchase and HODL at the very beginning. In addition, it is believed that, in addition to the purchase made, one might also receive a 10% bonus tokens on top. With the funds raised, the MOS team plans to enhance trust, contribute towards jackpot pools, and eventually become a part of major trading exchange platforms.

Who is Behind MOS?

Alexander Mittler is the CEO of MOS. He has founded and co-founded many companies that have excelled over a period of time. Other players in the team include Dr Atanas Hristov, who has a specialization in machine learning and hardware performance, Aleksandar and Andrey, who are responsible for the marketing aspect and finally Hans and Kanat Tulbassiyev, experts in financial and blockchain technology respectively.

Final Thoughts on MOSCoin MOS ICO

The idea of having a decentralized lottery game can become something in the long run. Mainly because there will no longer be someone of authority to manipulate the numbers. In 2017, a case came about where Eddie Tipton, who was responsible for lottery codings, pleaded guilty for rigging the winning numbers in several states. Therefore, MOS’ goal of closing any loopholes that can compromise fairness of the game itself is ambition.

The team behind MOS appears to be knowledgeable in areas of the blockchain technology, marketing and leadership, which are fundamental components for success. With just a week left before the private sales officially end, consumers should consider purchasing earlier, as more bonuses are offered that way.

To follow up with MOS’ plans, it is best to check out their roadmap at:

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