Moscow ICO Conference

The Moscow ICO Conference is a cryptocurrency-related gathering scheduled in Russia for November 7, 2017. The one-day event focuses on digital assets, specifically on initial coin offerings (ICOs).

What Is Moscow ICO Conference?

The Moscow ICO Conference is being held by a partnership between Leadbit, an international affiliate network, and STM, a premium affiliate marketing forum. Prior to the Moscow ICO Conference, Leadbit and STM held an affiliate-centric conference in September of 2018 and another in March of 2017.

Presumably, the ICO conference was put together the success of the first two affiliate conferences.

Moscow ICO Conference Product

The “product” is the conference itself. Registration is free, though you will have to make your way to the city yourself if you don’t already live there. This could, of course, involve international travel and accommodation costs.

The conference consists of an exhibition hall and four expert talks given throughout the day. The topics of these talks include ICOs and cryptocurrency, successful ICO projects and life after ICO, pre-ICO ideas, and an overview of the names and faces of the current “super crypto guys” in the industry.

The event is capped with networking and a party in the event venue’s bar.

Moscow ICO Conference Opportunity

As a free event, the opportunity here is to network and learn more about cryptocurrency, especially ICOs, in a professional environment. This makes the event ideal for anyone looking to build their own crypto-related business or looking for good investment opportunities with up-and-coming ICOs.

Moscow ICO Conference Verdict

If you’re a high-powered investor or part of a crypto company with pockets deep enough to send a delegation to Russia, the Moscow ICO Conference seems like a good idea. However, if you don’t fall into that rather small subset of international crypto enthusiasts, it’s hard to justify the time and expense to get to Moscow for a one-day event. Additionally, there may be some language barriers interacting with possible networking partners if you don’t speak at least a little Russian.

At the same time, locals interested in cryptocurrency should most definitely give this conference a look. At free entry, the price is certainly right, though it is highly likely you’ll be exposed to any number of sales pitches from companies looking for investors. Choose carefully, don’t make any hasty decisions brought on from too much Russian vodka at 3 in the morning, and be sure to thoroughly vet any possible investment opportunities you run into at the event.


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