Mossland MOC ICO Review

There really is no limit to the ability and uses that cryptocurrency offers – at least as long as many new platforms come up with ideas. Cryptocurrency has transformed the way that individuals can transact, how they track those transactions, and the uses that they have for the currencies.

Those who are interested in using their cryptocurrency for augmented reality gaming have the chance to do so through a new platform called Mossland. This is the next stage in future gaming that enables individuals to enjoy the world beyond them, without really leaving their living room.

What is Mossland MOC?

Mossland is a new platform that is based on augmented reality. It enables individuals to view the buildings, places, and landmarks around them and around the world in a clear, crisp, and real manner, without going beyond their current location.

Just a few of the main landmarks that individuals can view with this new system are Big Ben, the Golden Gate Bridge, and the Eiffel Tower. Now, rather than spend money on expensive trips, users can have near to the same experience with this new and innovative platform.

The Features of Mossland MOC

Mossland is more than just a platform where users can view landmarks – but they can also control their own properties and generate objects and visitors. This makes the game more fun and interesting. Here are just a few of the main features of Mossland so that users know what to expect:

Adding Accessories

First, users can add accessories to their properties to generate more visitors. This will promote a unique and fun character to one’s properties on the game and enhance the overall experience that one has.

Host Advertising

Second, the platform enables users to host advertising on their location. The properties become even more popular with the advertisements and as an added bonus, users can generate funds for themselves through their ad spots. The advertisements are akin to the real ones that users encounter in the day to day.

Trade Properties to Earn Money

Finally, users can trade their properties to earn money. This benefit obviously works best who find themselves building the best properties. The properties are traded for the Moss Coin, which is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency can then be cashed out so that individuals can enjoy their efforts in the real world.

Clearly, there are many benefits to be had when one gives this platform a chance. The platform is a unique, interesting, and effective method for enjoying a new gaming system.

Mossland MOC ICO Summary

Overall, those who are interested in participating in a new gaming system that enables them to experience augmented reality and to generate funds through the brand’s token may want to consider giving Mossland a try.

The token sale has already taken place and there are currently 500 million tokens out there. The price per 10 thousand tokens is one Ethereum. To learn more and to get started, just visit the brand’s website today. The global launch for the full platform is in 2019.

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