Cryptocurrencies have and are coming a long way since their initial conceptions. They're rapidly evolving to become an investing alternative to gold for many. But for another large section of the demographic, they're becoming increasingly legitimate as a method of payments on the high street.

Cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum and Ripple, are taking the fight to the established payment systems like PayPal or Visa. With their ability to complete international transactions with a speed that is challenging to match. While able to complete transactions, scaling remains an issue; with PayPal and Visa being capable of completing millions of transactions a day.

Cryptocurrencies have entered into digital payments, with the list growing longer by the day. Here are some examples of companies that accept cryptocurrencies when you shop with them.

Top 13 Sites & Services To Spend Bitcoin Cryptocurrency:


From furniture to electronics and entertainment systems, Overstock allows customers to buy anything in their stores using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Not only does it accept Bitcoin, but it's been a firm supporter of its use in the marketplace.


Users that hold an account with Microsoft are able to recharge and make in-account purchases using Bitcoin.


As a clothing developer, it happily accepts Bitcoin for those looking for new apparel.


As a holiday destination site, users are able to book flights, make reservations at hotels/apartments, all with free use of bitcoin as a method of transaction.


Another great website CheapAir.com allows you to select and checkout using bitcoin and few other cryptocurrency coins.


In comical nostalgia, users can buy pizzas using Bitcoin (doesn't take 10,000 this time)


TreeHouse is an educational platform, which allows users to access materials for a wide range of topics. Users are able to purchase these courses using Bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrencies on the site.


As a game, Zynga allows users to pay for premium services and make in-app purchases with Bitcoin.


This Company was the first one to accept bitcoin as a method of taking donations due to a large-scale boycott of it by transnational banks. Users are still able to make donations to the site using Bitcoin.

Travel For Coins

Much like PizzaForCoins, this platform allows users to pay for their holiday travel, paying with cryptocurrency.


The sandwich maker allows you to pay for anything you want in-store using Bitcoin.

Where To Spend Bitcoins UK

This platform acts as an aggregated service, with users in the UK able to search for their city to see which stores, restaurants, etc accept bitcoin near them.


As a dating app, OkCupid allows for users to purchase premium features through Bitcoin transactions.

Big List of Bitcoin Accepting Stores and Product Shops

Here are a few more services and websites that are worth checking out.


  • 2894 on main – https://www.2894onmain.com/
  • 4Chan – http://www.4chan.org/
  • Ahlusion LLC https://www.ahlusion.us
  • Alex’s Italian Restaurant & Brick Oven Pizza http://www.alexpizzaandrestaurant.com
  • Amagi Metals https://www.amagimetals.com/
  • Anchor Grill http://anchorgrillny.com/
  • Au Za’atar http://auzaatar.com
  • Autism Speaks https://www.autismspeaks.org
  • Babins Seafood http://www.babinsseafood.com
  • Back Bay Accounting and Tax http://www.preptaxesonline.com
  • Bacloud https://www.bacloud.com/en
  • BarKogi Korean Fried Chicken http://www.barkogi.com/
  • Beefjerky https://www.beefjerky.com
  • Bees Brothers http://www.beesbros.com/
  • Beloved https://www.belovedshirts.com/
  • BigFishGames https://www.bigfishgames.com/
  • Bitcoin.Travel https://bitcoin.travel/
  • Boost VC https://www.boost.vc
  • Cafe Berlin http://www.cafeberlinlv.com/
  • Calypso Restaurant http://www.calypsorestaurant.com
  • Cantina Royal http://www.cantinaroyal.com/
  • Castillo Restaurant http://castillo.nyc/
  • Code to Inspire http://codetoinspire.org/
  • Coupa Cafe https://www.coupacafe.com/
  • Cups and Cakes Bakery http://www.cupsandcakesbakery.com/
  • Dan Rubin Consulting danrubinconsulting.com
  • DeBordieu Rentals http://www.debordieurentals.com/
  • Devotay http://www.devotay.net/
  • Dish Network https://www.dish.com/
  • Eclipse Coffee http://eclipsecoffee.com/
  • eGifter eGifter.com
  • Etsy (select vendors) https://www.etsy.com/
  • Expedia https://www.expedia.com/
  • Express VPN https://www.expressvpn.com/order
  • Fancy.com https://fancy.com/
  • Fight For The Future https://www.fightforthefuture.org/
  • Financial Graph Art http://www.financialgraphart.com/
  • Five Minute Recess https://5mr.com/
  • Flyte World Dining & Wine http://www.flytenashville.com/
  • Grass Hill Alpacas www.grasshillalpacas.com
  • Gyft https://www.gyft.com/
  • Heifer International www.heifer.org
  • Helen’s Pizza http://site.helens-pizza.com/
  • Jason Tyra CPA https://www.tyracpa.com/
  • Jefferson's Store https://jeffersonsapparel.com/
  • Juno http://junobrooklyn.com/
  • Kiwiana http://www.kiwiana-nyc.com/
  • La Sirene https://lasirenenyc.com
  • Landmarc http://landmarc-restaurant.com/
  • Las Palmas Restaurant https://www.laspalmasnj.com/
  • Lean Crust http://www.leancrust.com/
  • LV.net https://www.lv.net/
  • Macaron Café http://www.macaroncafe.com/
  • Makana BBQ & Poke https://www.makanabbq.com
  • Manila Bay Cafe http://www.manilabaycafe.com/
  • McCarthy, Rose & Mills, LLP http://www.mrmcpas.com
  • Medical Support Products https://www.mspinc.com/
  • Mint https://www.mint.com/
  • Mondo Cellars http://www.mondocellars.com/
  • Movie Tickets (Select Theatres) https://www.movietickets.com/
  • Muggswigz Coffee & Tea Co. https://www.muggswigz.com/
  • Namecheap https://www.namecheap.com/
  • NCR Silver https://www.ncr.com/
  • New Mexico Tea Company https://www.nmteaco.com/
  • NewEgg https://www.newegg.com/
  • Old Man Hustle http://www.oldmanhustle.com/
  • Organic Nest http://www.theorganicnest.com
  • Pacific Tradewinds Hostel https://www.san-francisco-hostel.com
  • Paxful https://paxful.com/
  • Piccola Venezia Restaurant http://www.piccola-venezia.com/
  • PureVpn https://www.purevpn.com/
  • Rakutan https://www.rakuten.com/
  • Reeds https://www.reeds.com/
  • Save the Children https://www.savethechildren.org/
  • Shopify shopify.com
  • ShopJoy http://www.shopjoy.io/
  • South Street Fish & Ramen Co http://southstreet.co/
  • Spirito's Italian Diner http://www.spiritositaliandiner.com
  • Spring St. Smokehouse http://www.sssmokehouse.com/
  • Square https://squareup.com/
  • Straub Auto Repairs http://straubautorepairs.com/
  • Subway (select locations only) http://www.subway.com/
  • Taureau http://taureaunyc.com/
  • Tealet http://tealet.com/
  • Tesla https://www.tesla.com/
  • The Advantaged Yacht Charters and Sales http://theadvantaged.com/
  • The Internet Archive https://archive.org/about/
  • The Libertarian Party https://www.lp.org/
  • The Mediterranean Grill https://www.themediterranean-grill.com/
  • The Uncommons http://uncommonsnyc.com/
  • The Water Project thewaterproject.org
  • The Wine Spot http://thewinespotonline.com
  • Veggie Galaxy https://www.veggiegalaxy.com/
  • Virgin Galactic http://www.virgingalactic.com/
  • Waterbean Coffee https://www.waterbean.coffee
  • Yuan Dim Sum King http://www.yuannyc.com
  • Reddit https://www.reddit.com/
  • SEOClerks https://www.seoclerk.com/
  • Mint https://www.mint.com/
  • Humble Bundle https://www.humblebundle.com/
  • Intuit https://www.intuit.com/
  • Reeds Jewelers https://www.reeds.com
  • Piccola Venezia Restaurant Inc http://www.piccola-venezia.com/
  • Flamestone Grill https://flamestonegrill.com/
  • Murphy's Taproom http://www.murphystaproom.com/
  • Pie Hole http://pieholeutah.com/index2.html
  • Cups and Cakes Bakery http://www.cupsandcakesbakery.com/
  • Jalisco Cantina http://jaliscocantina.com/
  • The Bronx Deli http://www.bronxdeli.com/
  • Little Lucy’s Mini Donuts http://littlelucys.com/
  • CDXX http://www.cdxx.co/
  • The Water Project https://thewaterproject.org


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