Mother of All Chains (MOAC)

What Is Mother Of All Chains or MOAC?

MOAC or Mother Of All Chains is a new blockchain platform that has appeared on the market. It was designed to be scalable and resilient while supporting transactions, data access and the flow of information. The service will be able to use smart contracts and to create sub blockchains if necessary. This platform also enables cross-chain connection with a stable structure.

Also, you can use MOAC to build decentralized apps. The platform will be based on the Ethereum platform and it will use a ERC20 utility token.

The team that created this technology comes from China. The MOAC site shows five people as being the core members of the company: Sha Zhou, David Chen, Xinle Yang, Qing Xu and Zhengpeng Li.

How MOAC Smart Contract MicroChain Blockchain Works

MOAC offers many services for people who want to use the blockchain technology for business. Some of the specific characteristics of this company are that MOAC has a layered configuration structure, asynchronous contract calls and it uses sharding solutions.

You can also make pluggable validation schemes and create a wider participation in the validation process of the blockchain by using this technology.

It is also easy to deploy sub blockchains, which is one of the main uses of this company because it intends to offer easy solutions for small companies that want to create sub blockchains without having to spend too much money in this process.

The company’s currency has a testnet working which has been used in the Beta phase and is getting the mainnet ready for usage.

Mother Of All Chains MOAC Token ICO Details

Half of the initial supply of MOAC tokens were sold in the crowdsale. According to the company’s White Paper, the sale happened in June 2017. This means that, unfortunately, you have already lost your best chance to buy MOAC tokens for the best price.

MOAC tokens will also be mineable, so mining is a viable alternative if you want to have the tokens. At first you will be able to be rewarded with 2 MOAC tokens per block but this number will decrease by half whenever 12,500,000 MOAC tokens have been already mined.

Mother Of All Chains Conclusion

This blockchain definitely did not pick our interest. It looks bland and not technologically advanced enough. MOAC is basically an Ethereum-based platform that has some features for business. It does not seem to be too focused or necessarily remarkable in any of these aspects.

The end result is the MOAC blockchain does not look very interesting and there are several solutions that can be considerably better on the internet, so there is no reason to invest in this company.

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