Motile is a Proof-of-Stake/Masternode based digital currency that provides a secure platform for the purchase of mobile airtime, mobile devices and all mobile payments across the globe. To facilitate the easy access of these funds, Motile developed an impenetrable digital wallet.

In the future, Motile intends to create a universally accessible mobile recharging website as well as promote the adoption of the Motile Coin. Additionally, the company will also issue ATM cards that convert Motile Coins into fiat currency.

Features of the Motile Coin (MIE)


Essentially, the Motile Coin is a decentralized network of Masternodes without centralized control authority and intermediaries. Furthermore, the networks has a 90% block reward phase, fast and secure transactions, levies affordable fees, supports multiple digital wallets, and guarantees anonymity. To achieve the desired speeds, Masternodes are connected to the network throughout, requiring collateral of 5,000 Motile Coins.

Anonymous transfers

As mentioned earlier, users are assured of anonymity while transacting in Motile Coins. In this regard, the platform uses the Dark send protocol.


The Motile Coin features a dynamic reward structure, combing both Masternodes and Proof-of-stake. The Masternode rewards often increase to 90%, while those from staking reduce to 10%. The Motile digital wallet supports the simultaneous use Masternodes and staking, mitigating the inconvenience of managing multiple wallets.


Coin name: Motile

Ticker: MIE

Total supply: 64,000,000 MIE

Block size: 3MB

Block time: 120s (720 blocks/day)

Invest in Masternodes to generate Cryptocurrency yields

Masternodes are an essential part for a certain type of digital currencies. They are the computer servers that control the blockchains on which such cryptocurrencies operate. To give coin holders elevated control and higher yields, Masternode coins were established. By offering services to the virtual currency network, Masternodes generate yields to coin owners.


Global Mobile Recharge Website (2nd quarter of 2018)

Motile intends to develop a universally accessible mobile recharge website. Using this blockchain-powered platform, users can top up their mobile phones from any location across the world. The services are not limited to recharges only; rather, they will encompass all mobile payment services. Payments will be made in cryptocurrencies, in accordance with the local rules and regulations.

Using Motile Coins to buy Mobile Devices (2nd quarter of 2018)

Motile is currently in talks with leading mobile sellers to discuss the possibility of accepting Motile Coins (MIE) as a method of payment. The company hopes to launch this service by the end of May 2018.

Issuance of Motile Coin ATM card (3rd quarter of 2018)

To promote the use of MIE in the acquisition of mobile products, Motile plans to issue proprietary ATM cards that will also enable users to convert MIE into local fiat currency.


MIE has a premine capped at 5%. These coins will be sued for bounties, airdrops and listing on external crypto exchanges. Additionally, the coins will fund the developmental projects as specified in the roadmap.

Motile Coin (MIE) Conclusion

Ultimately, Motile Coin believes that with the aid of the disruptive blockchain technology, they will develop a holistic cryptocurrency mobile payment solution.

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