One of the biggest features of the crypto world is the ability to have a decentralized currency, which is free from the confines of a specific country’s currency. This type of innovative strategy in the marketplace allows consumers to easily transact and invest in economies without having to deal with exchange rates.

However, one big issue that the industry has yet to overcome is the lack of connection across the globe, which puts investors at risk for not receiving the transfers they setup. A new platform called MOVA aims to change that.

What Is MOVA?

MOVA takes advantage of the technology that blockchain has to offer and uses it to connect with global supply chains. Specifically, they aim to reach chains with automated smart contracts, concise communication, and instant payment transfers. Within the MOVA platform, the company aims to:

  • Create automated agreements that show clear delivery of funds with every transaction
  • Use GPS data to track and verify each delivery that takes place
  • Allow instant payments to be setup for transport and shipping
  • Create a system that holds companies responsible for their delivery

This program is built on the same blockchain technology that Ethereum uses, and can be accessed through the MOVA App. So far, the company has used several trial runs of their smart contracts, so the company is prepared for the influx of traffic.

MOVA Token ICO Details

All transactions with MOVA will be created with the MOVA token, which is just representative of the fiat currency transferred. The tokens are automatically created with the user makes a deposit on the app, and they can then be used for delivery services. Much of the reason that consumers like this token is because it will not fluctuate in price, which makes this the first securitized token offering.

The MOVA Blockchain Smart Contract Supply Chain Roadmap

Every crypto has a roadmap to show consumers how far they have gone and how far they plan to go. So far, MOVA has already developed the necessary technology and algorithms for their smart contracts, which have since gone through real-world testing.

In the second quarter of 2018, which will soon be ending, a private sale has been established while additional mining trials occur in Australia. From there, during 2018, the company plans to focus on reaching over 1 million transactions for contracted investors, while having both a private and a public sale.

In 2019, the public ecosystem launches its app, and the rest of the tokens are distributed amongst the current coin holders.

Contacting MOVA

Even though the website offers plenty of information, including the whitepaper of MOVA, consumers may have other questions before they decide to invest. To reach out to the customer service team, send an email to [email protected]

MOVA Summary

MOVA is still in the starting stages, but it would provide the first security token offering without any risk of fluctuation, which is often unseen on the market. Other companies tend to fluctuate with the currency in their area, but the simple reassurance that the token will not lose value is helpful to consumers that want to move their currency quickly.

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