Moveco ICO

Moveco is a blockchain-based mobility ecosystem that seeks to lessen the burden of car ownership while at the same time rewarding users for the miles driven in order to create a safer future with smarter mobility. The ecosystem’s main objective is to drive a mobility future that is safer, smarter, more efficient, and affordable through gathering and providing insight on car-generated data.

Moveco aims at creating a model where users of the platform will earn the MOV tokens according to the quality and quantity of data that they share. This could result in a reduced financial burden of owning a car while providing users with an opportunity to contribute in creating a more personalized mobility future. The tokens earned are redeemable for goods, services, or experiences on the Moveco Redemption Platform.

Users can also utilize the tokens to get discounts on their gas bills or even exchange the tokens for Asia Miles. Users can also earn the tokens from walking, using public transport, using an Uber, and driving during the weekends.

Moveco MOV Token

Token Symbol: MOV
Total Available: 1,000,000,000
Price per Token: $0.15

Moveco currently has two products designed for its mobile app: Drivebox & Drivebox Lite. The product objectives are to read sensor data, interpret driving behavior, and track routes. They also provide assistance in car sharing technology that is useful for operational purposes and for warning about dangerous drivers.

The collected data is processed, normalized, and made anonymous in order to ensure privacy and maintain consent of the data. The data is accessible only through the Moveco Data Hub or Insights Platform. Corporates can subscribe to the criteria they are interested in to receive anonymous car generated data. Apart from the data, they can also receive analysis, reports, and insights based on their requirements.

Moveco ICO Application

The mobility data acquired has a variety of use cases in various industries. They include car manufacturers, insurance, retail, smart cities, oil and gas and telecommunication.

Moveco also has a marketing platform where its partners can provide personalized and targeted offering to the users, which will lower prices and facilitate the direct interaction between manufacturers and consumers.

Moveco will issue its MOV tokens during the Initial Coin Offering to distribute the tokens and collect funds for developing technology for building the future of mobility. Early investors will receive bonuses. The MOV tokens are utility tokens for use in the redemption platform and loyalty partners. Corporates can use the tokens within the Moveco App on the data hub, data insights, or the ad inventory.

Benefits of Moveco

Data privacy

Moveco implements security standards and guidelines to ensure anonymity of data and compliance with all the regulations regarding privacy, security, and safety.

Big data and machine learning

Moveco has integrated big data and machine learning into its system, which is useful in understanding mobility patterns and user behaviors that enable real time analytics and the creation of predictive models.

Security and decentralization

Through the blockchain and smart contract, Moveco uses a secure and decentralized form that is guaranteed in the mobility and data-centric use cases. The blockchain technology allows users to share and monetize data in a secure and anonymous way.

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