MoviesChain is a blockchain-based platform that will distribute films in a secure way. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is MoviesChain?

Russian movie distribution platform TVzavr is launching a blockchain-based film distribution platform called MoviesChain. That platform aims to be the world’s first blockchain-based, secure, and failure-resistant movie distribution platform that brings film viewers and independent moviemakers together.

Described as “a revolution in the distribution of independent films”, MoviesChain will democratize the world of film publishing, making it easier for independent filmmakers to compete with larger studios. The end result will be “unmatched efficiency, transparency and global scalability,” according to the official MoviesChain website.

A token sale for MoviesChain tokens will begin on April 16, 2018.

What Problems Does MoviesChain Seek To Solve?

MoviesChain believes there are key problems with today’s movie distribution industry, including all of the following:

  • Independent film producers are competing for revenue, with approximately 50% of revenue going to middlemen distributors
  • Financing for independent film producers is scarce, and filmmakers are forced to compete with one another; in many cases, investors choose “profit over art”, picking the project that makes the most money (i.e. sequels instead of independent projects)
  • Film producers face losses due to copyright infringement and privacy concerns
  • Viewers lack access to content choices, with the market dominated by major players like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu
  • There’s no access to original content outside of main streaming conglomerates; distribution is centralized among a few major players
  • Advertising losses, and advertisers are not assured of what content they’re actually paying for
  • Markets are affected by bogus websites and fraudulent bots
  • Advertising platforms have poor targeting, limiting advertisement viewers

Overall, the independent film industry has an annual distribution market of $20 billion. However, the market is dominated by a few major players. It’s due for disruption and democratization – and MoviesChain wants to accomplish that using blockchain technology.

How Does MoviesChain By TVzavr Work?

MoviesChain aims to address all of the problems above by decentralizing the film distribution industry. The platform gives independent film producers the ability to rent or sell their projects to a global audience.

Why would independent film producers use the MoviesChain platform? One of the big advantages is that users can keep up to 90% of the profits.

The ecosystem uses ZVR tokens for transactions. ZVR tokens are a blockchain-based cryptocurrency designed to facilitate access to movies produced by independent film producers. Users can spend ZVR tokens to rent or purchase video content.

Key functions of the MoviesChain platform include:

  • A user-friendly navigation interface
  • A state of the art recommendation system (similar to Netflix)
  • Attractive pricing for viewers
  • The ZVR cryptocurrency token

Users can use ZVR tokens to transfer value from an independent film rights owner directly to a customer over the MoviesChain by TVZavr network. Independent filmmakers can customize conditions of access to their content, with all terms recorded in Ricardian smart contracts. That means independent filmmakers can dictate and enforce the terms of access to their video content.

Terms of use in the smart contracts will be written in the Turing-complete programming language Solidity. The smart contracts will also have the revenue distribution percentages recorded in the contract.

The MoviesChain recommendation system will be based on the user’s geographic location, their activity, and their search history.

All content uploaded to the MoviesChain network will be cryptographically protected. MoviesChain will have its own Digital Rights Management (DRM) system based on AES-128 encryption. Content will be distributed to clients via the MoviesChain Content Distribution Network, or CDN.

MoviesChain Products

MoviesChain will launch its 1.0 platform based on the functions we outlined above. The 1.0 version of the platform will include the movie distribution system and recommendation system for users. Other MoviesChain products will be launched with version 2.0 of the platform, including all of the following:

  • MoviesChain University: A built-in education-enhanced experience.
  • MoviesChain Screen: A built-in social network that will allow filmmakers to communicate with specialists involved in various aspects of the film industry.
  • MoviesChain Investment: The MoviesChain investment platform will allow for fast and easy crowdfunding of different movie projects.
  • MoviesChain Awards: Talent can participate in local, nationwide, and international film festivals through the MoviesChain Awards network, allowing great films to be recognized.
  • MoviesChain Target: Target will be an advertising platform bringing together independent filmmakers from around the world, allowing them to promote their projects to specific target audiences.
  • MoviesChain Promotion: The Promotion platform will provide strategic interactive marketing and communications.

Overall, version 2.0 of the platform will consist of a complete ecosystem of products and services designed to support filmmakers in various ways. It includes social networking features, crowdfunding systems, awards, and more. The end result is that independent filmmakers can create high-quality content more easily.

Who’s Behind MoviesChain?

MoviesChain is being created by TVZavr. A Russian video on demand company established in 2009. The company received $15 million in venture capital funding in 2010.

As of 2017, TVZavr has 30 million users watching videos on its platform every month. They earned $10 million in revenue in 2017.

The company is led by Alexander Pavlov (CEO).

The MoviesChain ZVR ICO Details

The MoviesChain token sale for ZVR tokens is scheduled to begin on April 16, 2018 and end on July 16, 2018.

There’s a total of 70 million ZVR tokens on sale. ZVR tokens are ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. There’s a total supply of 100 million ZVR tokens.

Of the remaining tokens, 23% will be transferred to the initial investment team, 5% to the reserve fund, and 2% for bounties.

MoviesChain Summary

MoviesChain aims to make it easier for independent filmmakers to make and distribute their films. The platform uses smart contracts to securely distribute movies for rent or purchase. The ecosystem revolves around the use of ZVR tokens.

To learn more about MoviesChain and how it works, visit online today at

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