Although the cryptocurrency market is growing by tremendous margins, the biggest challenge that token holders have faced is figuring out how to directly spend their tokens. Simply put, token holders are forced to change their cryptocurrencies to fiat currency whenever they want to spend. This usually translates to expensive fees and unreliable exchange rates.

Cue MoxyOne, an ingenious solution that seeks to create a reliable financial infrastructure that gives value to underutilized cryptocurrencies with features that enable the average cryptocurrency holder to make real-world purchases with merchants across the globe.

What to find out what MoxyOne is all about? Here are some of the main features it offers.

MoxyOne White Labeling Services

Apart from creating an innovative and reliable financial infrastructure for token holders and underutilized cryptocurrencies, MoxyOne is offering companies in the cryptocurrency space white labeling services.

Basically, ICO companies will manage to significantly cut down on time and costs used to build in-house payment systems and instead take advantage of MoxyOne’s partnership agreement that allows them to brand the MoxyOne wallets and debit cards as their own.

They can issue out these products to their token holders by linking to the business dashboard on MoxyOne's platform. As a result, companies in the Blockchain and crypto space will focus more on improving and developing the utility of their token.

MoxyOne SPEND Token

Also, MoxyOne comes with the SPEND token that will be a utility on the MoxyOne platform as it will be used for transaction fee settling. Token holders can also use it on a daily basis for individual transactions. In fact, MoxyOne users in most countries around the world will get the convenience of spending any of the tokens they are holding with a debit card that will make cryptocurrency spending accessible and flexible.

With low transactional fees, MoxyOne users will easily make token withdrawals to fiat currency from a variety of ATMs. Furthermore, the MoxyOne wallet will facilitate electronic purchases that will lead to increased circulation of the SPEND token thus growth in value.

Secure Transactions

MoxyOne boasts of taking advantage of Blockchain networks such as Raiden Network and COMIT to boost speed and security on its platform. By adopting a decentralized approach, MoxyOne hopes to eradicate the problem of insecurity that has, for a long time, been an issue with centralized financial systems.

Does MoxyOne Have Hidden Fees?

Great question and the answer is no. In fact, according to MoxyOne, there are no hidden costs, extra charges or services that will be imposed on its users of other involved partners. This is obviously great to hear since most centralized financial payment services come with hefty hidden fees and charges.

However there is no denying that there are costs to be incurred by the platform during operations. As a result users and other involved entities will be required to pay for fees that will be set according to the preferences of partner companies.

MoxyOne SPEND ICO Conclusion

According to the World Economic Forum, there are over two billion people in the world that require financial management services yet they do not have access to traditional banking. Cryptocurrencies however provide people from all walks of life access and freedom to become their own banks.

To put it simply, MoxyOne is focused on being a service provider that delivers economic employment by combining the best of both worlds i.e. the world of crypto and the world of fiat.

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