Moya Networks

Africa is the world's least developed continent despite having no lack of talented people, property, and inspiration. One of the most problematic issues in bringing the continent to par with the rest of the planet is lack of availability of high-speed net because of a shortage of cutting-edge underwater cable networks.

These internet wires are independently owned and orbit the globe connecting each and each internet-enabled nation with each other. With no wires, the net would be a slow, inefficient form of communication. Moya Networks is aiming to lead this project and distribute the high-speed capacity throughout Southern Africa via its Backhaul Networks.

Moya Network’s Infrastructure Plan

Over 17,000 km in networks will be laid from South Africa's coast to Europe spanning more than two oceans and three continents. The problem is that the absolute time and investment necessary for such a huge endeavor is making progress slow. The businesses understand that when the system is up and running, the advantages will be huge.

Africa is the next most populated continent in the world and the demand for high-speed connectivity is very significant. Contrary to common belief, Africa is actually a wealthy and educated continent in many locations and the people want this revolutionary technological infrastructure to help them progress in the world.

The demand for broadband has literally exploded in the last few years and any investment in long-term wires like these can lead to extremely profitable gains for the investors. There's a lot of possibility for IT and internet-related services and growth in the continent however, it all starts with all the connectivity and Moya Networks is aiming to supply it with the assistance of its worth investors.

Moya Networks Token (MTK)

This is the gap Moya Networks is planning to meet. Throughout its' crowdsourced investment at a new cryptocurrency named Moya Token (MTK), the investors will immediately fund the ACE submarine capability and terrestrial fiber optic network which will be raised throughout Africa. More than 20% of the gain will be published to the Moya Token holders.

Moya Token is still another measure to attract mainstream investment and businesses to the climbing blockchain-based solutions. With the growth of Ethereum-based tokens, deploying new one-time investment related coins has become easier than ever and more and more regular firms are now intending to increase investments through a truly free market like crypto instead of go to the conventional stock exchanges and be stuck in regulations and restricted investment opportunities.

Moya Neworks Summary

The MTK ICO will begin from November 15, 2017, and will end 1 month after on Dec 15, 2017. The distribution cap is 100 million MTK and the conversion speed is 1000 MTK for just 1 ETH. Bitcoin is also accepted as payment. There is not any investment cap on this so you may own as many MTK tokens as one likes.

At this time a Pre-sale is taking place and the coin is available at 40% reduction to the first birds. There are 3 levels of reduction offered by the company with 30% 20% and 10% discounts available as the main ICO approaches. So, backers are able to make the most of these significant discounts if they would like to contribute to this initiative.

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