Foot traffic is essential for all kinds of businesses mainly if the establishment is a retail store outlet relying on walk-in customers. Perhaps this is the critical reasons leading to the notion that higher foot traffic can lead to higher sales.

For small time retailers, the strategies and expense of having a foot traffic system make the whole idea less attractive. To help retailers increase their customer number, MOZO ICO is establishing a blockchain-based solution to eliminate the typical barriers to receiving foot traffic services finally. Here's how

About Mozo

MOZO platform seeks to deploy a decentralized foot traffic solution to establish a system where retail businesses can get customers, entice them inexpensively and efficiently. Their blockchain solution is built to ensure transparency, effectiveness, accountability, and integrity in the process of maximum customer satisfaction and still ensure utmost security for the customer loyalty programs.

How Mozo Indoor Positioning Sysem For Offline Traffic Works

The MOZO Platform is built as a universal platform that is tried and tested on physical stores and deployed to customers. MOZO allows for the customers to mine, trade or collects the native currency, MOZO token, to use within the provided MOZO App.  With the MOZO tokens, the consumers can convert it into other currencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum and use it as a discount for products or services. The discount plan will be available for MOZO-affiliated stores and MOZO Redemption marketplace.

The MOZO Consumer app is available for the discovery of new physical stores, products and communication with retailers. The MOZO Retailer app is available for retail outlets or salespersons looking to offer reward opportunities to customers, check on their inventory and handle operations.

MOZO Token

MOZO Token functions as an incentive for users and to facilitate the customer onboarding. The provision of the tokens also facilitates the testing out of new services among the customers and retailers, trading of products and represents discounts or cash back.

Importance Of Measuring Foot Traffic

The MOZO Solution presents a first of its kinds regarding simplifying the critical factor that is foot traffics for retailer businesses.  For such outlets, foot traffic can account for almost all of their sales, and this goes to show the extent to which companies rely on it in making necessary decisions like the ideal spot for a new branch.

That said, analyzing foot traffic is not a simple process, but MOZO Platform could help sustain a nature in which business can easily answer specifically on their customers. Overall, the venture looks sustainable in the long run, and there is plenty of background on the development of a working product already.

MozoCoin MOZO Token ICO Details

1st Tranche (phase)

  • Pre-sale dates- May 8 2018 till July 22, 2018
  • Crowd sale dates- July 23,108 till July 30, 2018
  • Tokens available- 700 000 000
  • Price rate- US$ 0.09
  • Hard cap- US$ 42 000 000

2nd Tranche (phase)

  • Crowd sale dates- expected Q4 2018
  • Tokens available- 550,000,000
  • Price rate- US$ 0.12
  • Hard Cap- US$ 46,000,000

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol- MOZO
  • Platform- Ethereum network (Solo blockchain)
  • Model- ERC20
  • Crowd sale price- 1 ETH= 4,800 MOZO/ 1 BTC= 68,800 MOZO tokens
  • Token supply- 5,000,000,000 billion tokens
  • Tokens for sale- 550,000,000
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC, Fiat (USD/SGD/HKD)

Token Distribution

  • MOZO treasury- 50 %( 2.5 billion)
  • MOZO Foundation- 25 %( 1.25 billion)
  • Pre-Sale and token sales- 25 %( 1.25 billion)

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