MQT Crypto is a cryptocurrency organization that, based on its website, dabbles in software research and development while also selling cryptocurrency-branded merchandise such as t-shirts and baseball caps.

What Is MQT Crypto?

There’s zero information on the MQT Crypto website regarding who runs the site, who’s involved with the development of any projects the company might be working on, or anything of that sort. Meanwhile, the site’s domain registration is likewise no help, as the site has an incomplete registration – the name Adam Ris is listed, but there is no address or telephone number.

Attempting to research “Adam Ris” has proven fruitless, turning up a few hits but none that show any evidence of being involved with MQT Crypto in any way. Our best guess is that the site and company are located in the United States, based on some details listed on the online storefront for the t-shirts the company is shilling.

MQT Crypto Product

The “products” MQT Crypto is offering include three different projects, currently in some sort of development hell. There’s CrossMiner, a mining pool that is supposedly going to be able to “transcend ASIC/GPU mining limitations; a new ERC20 Ether-based token known as CrowdCoin, and a “revolutionary mining system” named Quantum Miner Beta.

Clicking through for more information reveals a bit of a mess. CrossMiner leads to the GitHub page for CrowdCoin, while clicking CrowdCoin brings users to an MQT Crypto owned online wallet service branded as WeCrypto. Finally, clicking Quantum Miner Beta brings users to an online blockchain explorer website that’s been branded with the MQT Crypto logo.

Finally, users interested in purchasing overpriced t-shirts, baseball caps, zip-up hooded jackets, or stickers emblazoned with the MQT Crypto emblem are free to shop for them from the main website as well.

MQT Crypto Opportunity

We’re really not aware of any true “opportunity” that MQT Crypto represents, unless it’s the opportunity to spend half an hour trying to decipher just what the site is trying to sell you or who’s trying to do it. The only thing we could really identify as a true opportunity would be the CrowdCoin cryptocurrency, but there’s no real information available except GitHub documentation – there’s no explanation behind the token, what it would be used for, whether it will be mineable or sold in an ICO, etc.

Meanwhile, we suppose you could open up an online crypto wallet with the MQT Crypto-branded “WeCrypto” service. However, we’ll wager there are better places to get an online wallet than MQT Crypto.

MQT Crypto Verdict

MQT Crypto is a prime example of a cryptocurrency outfit that’s trying to half-ass its way to success. A handful of “projects” underway, all of which link to different incorrect pages, a poorly-designed set of overpriced merchandise, a complete lack of any sort of contact information or revelation of who’s on the team designing MQT Crypto’s projects – it’s a complete recipe for disaster.

The only thing that MQT Crypto has going for it is an attractive graphic design layout, festooned with futuristic motifs like vector graphics, otherworldly landscapes being explored by astronauts in spacesuits, and stylized skulls everywhere. It’s always nice to see skulls.

In the end, MQT Crypto is the kind of website a bunch of teenage skateboarders would put together if they too much time on their hands and had access to a decent clip-art database. The site itself is simply incomprehensible, and should be dismissed outright. Maybe someday Adam Ris or whoever’s behind MQT Crypto will get their act together and put a real website into place, but until that day comes we don’t recommend getting involved in anything this “company” puts out there for public consumption.

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