Mr. Satoshi Google Home Smart Speaker Cryptocurrency Personal Assistant

If you are a seasoned user of Google Home, chances are you can recognize its presence when you hear its signature female-toned voice. It takes an in-depth scrutiny of the device to find its hidden features. Among the capabilities deeply-concealed within this digital assistant is a cryptocurrency bot, named after Bitcoin’s founder, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Such hidden features are a common occurrence, particularly in gaming titles and application software. Colloquially referred to as Easter eggs, these features are intentionally inserted and concealed by the game’s developers who want the end users to indulge in a ‘hunt’ for them. Popular video game GTA from Rockstar is notoriously famous for these stunts. Google also have a their fair share of hidden gimmicks, such as “blink html”, “drag queen”, “is Google down”, “wubba lubba dub dub”, and much more.

Most of Google’s Easter eggs are hidden within the search engine, but the newest entrant to this list is rather atypical. It is found within a piece of hardware – the Google Home smart speaker. By uttering the words, “Okay Google, let us get Mr. Satoshi”, you can activate the digital currency smart assistant. Immediately the speaker replies, “Hi, I am Mr. Satoshi, which digital currency are you trying to check?” Unfortunately, to our disappointment, the speaker does not change its voice to a masculine tone in the virtual currency assistant mode.

Upon answering the prompt, the speaker analyzes your reply instantaneously and provides an accurate response straightaway. This process should be prompt, especially if your query involved any major virtual currency. The unearthing of this Easter egg evidently points out at the growing ubiquity of digital currencies in the investment sphere. Also, it shows that Satoshi Nakamoto is now a household name in the business world.

Following the unprecedented success of his creation, Satoshi has had a myriad of outlets named after him. Numerous businesses, including coins, clothing lines and other industries have Satoshi’s name in their title. Perhaps the most outrageous of these is a Russian brewery, which is set to conduct a token crowdsale for its new product named Satoshi beer. Recently, on the popular online forum Reddit, one user was seeking for Bitcoin- allied appellations to name his boat after. Among the suggestions that came up included USS Satoshi Nakamoto and Crypto Current Sea.

As of the moment, the world is bustling in the Bitcoin craze. Going by the current trends, it is well possible that two decades from now that all dealings in the virtual currency market will pay homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the brain behind this multi-billion dollar industry. This is not far-fetched, as a previous post on Bitcointalk forum going by the title “Would you name your baby Satoshi for 150 Bitcoins?” sparked an intense debate that took up nearly 20 webpages of the site. Currently, the obsession is going overboard, and there are probably numerous digital currency maniacs that would adopt the name in a heartbeat in exchange for 0.00000001 BTC, known as a Satoshi.

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