Mixed Reality (MR) is a new form of computing technology that is a combination of the fields of Virtual Reality and-Augmented Reality (AR). MR tends to incorporate both the digital and physical world into a single space by using artificial intelligence software and optical hardware. However, our current digital reality is facing a significant problem of lack of a real-time technology platform.

Luckily, innovation has led us to utilize the potential of blockchain technology to benefit and enjoy the best of both worlds. Here’s how a blockchain startup is set to become the first blockchain Mixed reality ecosystem.

What Is MrChain?

MRCHAIN is a Mixed Reality blockchain venture that will commercially integrate with its cryptocurrency and form a decentralized and independent reality. As the first blockchain innovation of such a kind, MRCHAIN will combine AR, VR and blockchain capabilities to offer restructured virtual economies and redesign the overall aspects of our daily life.

With the future of AR AND VR presumably increasing, MR is the next technology to improve the interconnectivity between the online and offline world. The secure nature of blockchain is the selling point for MRCHAIN since it allows for an autonomous ecosystem free from any intermediary.

How MrChain Decentralized Mixed Reality Ethereum Token Will Work

With the concept of a digital reality in mind, MRCHAIN will work through a head-mounted optical device with the MR ability to bring data into the real world. The simple combination of a headset and software offers convenience for both the consumer and enterprises which seek a new paradigm in the way they interact. The platform has taken the liberty to partner with several digital world hardware firms from where users can access the devices.

What MrChain Offers

As a virtual world, MRCHAIN has a lot to offer. It will combine the different lifestyles we have and incorporate all the characteristics into the virtual world. Here are some of the prominent functions within MRCHAIN.

  • MR games- this platform will offer the user a chance to participate in a real-time gaming environment.
  • Education- learning the best in both virtual and the real world through MRCHAIN’s curriculum.
  • Music- members will get to access live performances by musicians at the comfort of their homes.
  • Movies- to get a better experience at your movie time, MRCHAIN will add movie tags for popular streaming in MR
  • Dating- find real-time companionship in the virtual world through MRCHAIN platform.

MrChain Advantages

  • Security- as an ERC20 token, MRC will facilitate micro-transactions and smart contracts on the MRCHAIN platform. The use of Ethereum blockchain assures the level of protection as of high quality.
  • Comprehensiveness- all the digital world realities whether gaming, education, shopping, dating among other will be under one platform with one payable currency across the ecosystem.
  • Incentives- user of Mr. Chain are set to earn incentives in the form of MRC token from participating within the digital reality ecosystem. That includes playing the games, shopping, dating or shopping on the MRCHAIN ecology.
  • Convenience and efficiency- the inclusion of blockchain technology allow for fast and efficient transactions while still on the VR headset. Users won't need to have an intermediary to facilitate the operations.
  • Monetized world- the platform will allow members to monetize the content within the VR, AR or MR technology which is a first of its kind technology.

MrChain MRC ICO Details

The MRC coin is based on the Ethereum blockchain and is an ERC20 token Compliant. The MRC token can be used for transactions on the MRCHAIN platform. You can Get MRC token from playing games, shopping, watching videos, studying, dating, etc. The MRCHAIN website doesn't offer any information regarding an ICO at this time.


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