Ms. Satoshi Nakamoto

ARK Managing Partner, Richard Titus seems to have an opinion that could fascinate plenty of individuals on the possibilities of who created Bitcoin. At the recent World Blockchain Forum in New York, Richard took time to indulge in his discovery that Satoshi is, in fact, a woman and that he has known it quite a while.

In his presentation (The State of Digital Currency”, Titus casually mentioned the Original Bitcoin whitepaper as “her whitepaper,” and this did seem to spring up a reaction from the crowd.

Could Ms. Satoshi Nakamoto Have Created Bitcoin?

While the crowd did have an urge to divulge more on the identity, Titus took the elaboration to a whole new level by saying the Satoshi Nakamoto character is a group of individuals and the woman would only be part of the crew. In his statement during the presentation, Titus took time to elaborate

“I have an opinion on Satoshi Nakamoto's Identity.” Richard said, “I believe that it neither a ‘he' nor ‘him,' but it is a ‘they. ‘To further his claim, he added, “I happen to know that one of those people is a woman.”

ARK's Richard Titus Talks Women In Bitcoin's Creation

The possibility of finding who created Bitcoin fascinate a lot of people and almost everyone has a theory about Satoshi Nakamoto's identity. IN Richard's case, they could be some truth although hard to grasp. With the blockchain industry being male dominant, it would be difficult to acknowledge that a woman would be the true identity of the Bitcoin innovators.

Richard did also point out this reality during his presentation;

“My view is that with men taking credit for women's accomplishment for the last 150 years, why would we not let a woman take the mantle for their achievement this time?”

Still, the ARK Managing Partner did not indulge the audience enough on how exactly he knew the identity(s) of Satoshi.

Possibilities Of The Satoshi Search

The unique part of Richard's assertion is the fact that it's not the first serious claim of giving a lady the potential of being behind the Blockchain enigma. Most crypto enthusiasts would overwrite this as erroneous, but in a male-dominated sector, what are the chances that the powerful technology could stem from a lady? However, Richard Titus experience in cryptocurrency could merit the claims. Still, the only option is to await more investigations since Satoshi seems to enjoy the meaningful speculation by staying anonymous.

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