Two-Time Grammy Winner, Imogen Heap Aims to Disrupt Music Industry with Her Blockchain Music Platform

Two-Time Grammy Winner, Imogen Heap Aims to Disrupt Music Industry with Her Blockchain Music Platform

Singer and songwriter, Imogen Heap has recently launched her blockchain music platform referred to as Mycelia for Music.

Heap’s intentions are to help musicians maximize on their abilities, while managing several aspects including past work traceability, efficient payment systems, insight and analytics on musical trends and online streaming of music to name a few.

Another area of interest that Heap plans to focus on is the future launch of “Mycelia Creative Passport”, which supposedly is a “peer-to-peer verified digital identity standard”, as quoted by Forbes. A breakdown of what Heap perceives “digital identity” to being was also offered, which appear to be common concerns within the music industry.

In particular, she shared that a lot of emphasis will be placed on “IDs, acknowledgements, works, business partners and payment mechanisms, sharing skills and projects to find our champions, fans and collaborators.” While her key support is obviously for musicians, she has taken different angles and has considered every player in the game – on “both a business and a creative level”.

As for the technical specs of Mycelia for Music, it appears that it will be using smart contracts. Besides that, musicians will have the advantage of not having to pay for their Creative Passport, however, businesses will be required to purchase any given data stored onto the platform. This ultimately forces middlemen right out, keeping the communication strictly between the sender and the receiver.

It has been disclosed that Mycelia for Music will probably launched on the Ethereum blockchain, as Heap was previously tied to ConsenSys’ Ujo Music, which tries to resolve the same issues as Heaps’ and used a comparable platform. Founder of ConsenSys and several other firms, Joseph Lubin strongly believes that blockchain-based music platforms are “orders of magnitude” and is surely to shock the industry altogether!

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