Multi Level Token ICO

Multi Level Token MLT, found online at, is a “multi level token” that acts as a “derivative structural product. Find out what that means today in our review.

What is Multi Level Token MLT ICO?

Multi Level Token, or MLT, is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain. The token is a “derivative structural product that gives token holders the right to acquire income out of the increased value of Ethereum”. Token holders will also earn “coupon revenue” from a bonus program built into the token’s smart contract algorithm.

As you may have guessed from the name, Multi Level Token has multilevel marketing systems built into the token. You’re encouraged to convince friends and family to buy the token, for example, and you’ll earn money from their referrals.

MLT Token’s website also features shady information that tell us it’s a low-quality investment opportunity: the website straight-up advertises that investors can expect returns of 310,000%. Yes, 310 thousand percent. The company also promises daily payoffs – so you’re going to make money every day.

Ultimately, when an anonymous online company starts advertising things like this, it’s a sign you’re probably participating in a scam. Nevertheless, let’s take a closer look at how MLT Token works.

How Does Multi Level Token MLT Work?

MLT Token is an unusual investment scheme to say the least. The company is accepting money during its ICO. 55% of that money will be invested into Ethereum (ETH).

The MLT Token website explains that “most analysts expect an increase in the price of the Ether by at least 50%.” It’s unclear where the company got this data. They never cite any actual “experts”. Nevertheless, the entire investment scheme is based on the assumption that the price of ETH will increase in the near future.

At the same time, MLT Token will give you a digital wallet for your tokens. this wallet will participate in the token’s “coupon program”.

This coupon program is essentially a pool of funds – just like a Ponzi scheme – used to pay older investors from the deposits of new investors. Here’s how the company explains it:

“The bonus pool of every new investment is divided equally between 10 wallets that are placed higher on the tree. Which means that any of a new member of the certain branch located below at least one step down your cell will bring you 3.5% of income from 35% of the initial investment into an MLM bonus program.”

That’s almost the exact definition of a Ponzi scheme: the returns of older investors are paid by the deposits of newer investors. The scheme will continue paying investors until no new members are recruited, at which point the payments stop.

In any case, MLT Token claims investors can expect to earn big money through this program: they can earn 155 ETH to 310 ETH, for example, by filling out their entire tree, which works out to about $155,000 to $310,000 USD.

MLT Token Features

  • MLT Token advertises all of the following features:
  • 310,000% ROI for investors
  • High liquidity of tokens, sell your tokens to the MLT Token buyback program at any moment
  • MLM-based coupon revenue
  • Daily payouts based on coupon income
  • 5 year investment horizon
  • “55% protection of capital” (just 55% of the money you invest into the fund actually goes towards ETH; the rest is split across the pyramid scheme)

The Multi Level Token ICO

The MLT Token ICO will sell MLT at a rate of 1 ETH = 100 MLT, or about $10 per MLT. The ICO appears to be underway until the scheme inevitably gets shut down. There are no ICO dates posted on the official website.

Instead, MLT Token pushes you towards different investment tiers, including:

  • Tier 1: Pay 0.05 ETH ($50) to earn up to 155 ETH ($155,000)
  • Tier 2: Pay 0.1 ETH ($100) to earn up to 310 ETH ($310,000)
  • Tier 3: Pay 0.2 ETH ($200) to earn up to 620 ETH ($620,000)
  • Tier 4: Pay 0.5 ETH ($500) to earn up to 1550 ETH ($1.55 million)
  • Tier 5: Pay 1 ETH ($1000) to earn up to 3100 ETH ($3.1 million)

Yes, the company claims investors can expect to earn $1.5 million or more in exchange for a $500 investment today. It’s one of many absurd claims made on the website.

Who’s Behind Multi Level Token MLT Token?

MLT Token refuses to disclose team information on its official website. The website does have a team page – but it features no specific information about any team members. The CEO is listed simply as “Mihael” for example, who has “12 years of experience in the field of investment and financing.” No other information is listed – like a last name, a LinkedIn profile, or specific experience.

When someone is advertising a lucrative investment opportunity to you, but refuses to disclose any personal information about themselves, it means you’re probably being scammed. There’s only one listed way to contact the company: by email at [email protected]

Multi Level Token ICO Conclusion

Even in the world of cryptocurrency scams, Multi Level Token, or MLT Token, seems like a dumb investment: you’re giving a bunch of money to the company in the hopes that Ethereum will increase. Instead of just buying Ethereum, you’re paying the company to buy Ethereum for you. They’re only spending 55% of membership deposits on Ethereum. The remaining 45% is funneled up the pyramid.

MLT Token also straight-up admits that it’s a pyramid scheme: the company has a “coupon fund” that works exactly like a Ponzi Scheme. The investments of new members are placed into the fund, then split among investors higher up the pyramid.

Somehow, MLT Token is advertising returns of 310,000% to investors. It’s one of many ridiculous claims made on the website. There’s also no team information – or any transparency regarding aspects of the project.

Ultimately, there are dozens of cryptocurrency scams on the internet today. has given us no reason to believe it’s a legitimate investment opportunity. It appears to be a blatant scam.

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