MultiGames MLT ICO Review

MULTIGAMES is an anonymous universal platform for gamers. It is a place where users can play and invest in New Generation games through a safe and secure passage where they earn, transfer, and spend MLT tokens. MULTIGAMES provides a multitude of services with the customer paying initially a set up fee. After two USA working days, the gamer is provided with their personal functional website with their own domain and brand.

The service provided by MULTIGAMES will utilize assets to reinforce the MLT market esteem. All members in the framework will have the chance to utilize MLT tokens to pay for the administrations accessible in the framework, which will guarantee the liquidity of the MLT token from the genuine segment of the economy.

After the Crowdsale/ICO, tokens will be discharged into free course on the trading of digital forms of money, and early purchasers will have the capacity to take their benefits by offering tokens in the market.

What’s MultiGames MLT All About?

A player is registered by Casino personnel, self-registering through kiosks or Online Casino URL or by a dealer networking with MULTIGAMES. It provides various pathways through which a user can invest, including:

  • Credit card or debit card by PayPal. Allows a minimum USD 1000 transaction
  • Bitcoin allows a minimum 0.1 BTC for investments
  • Ethereum Crowdscale Contract: allows the investor to have control of an Account or wallet, where users can add additional or custom tokens, and their Private Key Files, For example Ledger, Metamask, Mist, Parity OR MyEtherWallet.
  • Ethereum New Account where the user is not permitted to add additional tokens or have control over their Private Key File, like Poloniex
  • Bank transfers pertaining to minimum USD 1000

By transferring Bitcoins, money or ETH to the MLT Crowdsale Smart Address, the investor can immediately gain MLT tokens. The user has to pay 30% of their net sales to MULTIGAMES.

The Benefits of MultiGames MLT ICO

MULTIGAMES provides users and investors with a wide range of services. It also offers necessary assistance during various tasks. It authorizes the user to play as a gamer in land casinos or in government lotteries. It also permits users to work as gaming operators and in mobile phone recharging networks.

Credits gained during multiple games and investments can be bought and sold at and by casino cashiers, through prepaid cards, dealers, and credit cards. More than hundred different customizable, personalized, multisource, and multiplatform games are available. Games include single users and multi users. MULTIGAMES allows these games to be played either live or on 3D party tables. These games can be accessed through tablets, personal computers, and mobile phones.

Overall, MULTIGAMES is a platform where gamers, users and dealers all enjoy a personalized experience, various bonuses, and jackpots at the Pay Table. Games are not limited to a certain language or currency, but provide a broad range of selectable Multilanguage, multicurrency games, which users can benefit and taken pleasure from.

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