What Is MultiTKN?

MultiTKN (MTKN tokens) is a new company which has devised a protocol that will allow its investors to create “multi tokens” which will be a portfolio of tokens with auto-balance feature. The platform will be completely built on smart contracts and it will function in a decentralized manner.

The company states that you can make up to 30% more if you decide to invest in it because of how the auto-rebalance feature works. Because of this, if you are looking for the best investment strategy while thinking long term, this company affirms that MultiTKN is your right choice. Is it? Read our review to find out.

How Does MultiTKN Investing Protocol Work?

Basically, this company designed tokens that can be used for you to keep real control of your investments in cryptos. By using multi tokens, you do not need to trust your funds to anyone but yourself. The company sets you up perfectly for obtaining excellent results by only storing your multi tokens on your wallet.

But what the multi tokens, exactly? They are many tokens inside of only one. Created by smart contracts, these tokens let you copy automatically the strategies of successful funds and use them as your own. These tokens are as safe to keep in your own wallet, so they might be an option for people who want to hold their own money.

The auto-rebalancing features that are the main quality of these tokens are inside the smart contracts, which keeps your assets in certain proportions independently on the price of the tokens and is able to increase your profits this way.

How To Use MultiTKN?

After you register on the platform, you will be able to create your own multitoken using an interface that is easy to understand or simply copy a successful strategy by buying a multitoken that already exists in the marketplace.

By holding the tokens and continuously rebalancing them, you will be able to store any token on an ERC20 wallet and watch as your investments grow and you get money. This way, even if you are not very knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies, you can buy strategies that are performing better on the market.

The profits from holding the tokens are made mostly via arbitrage, which is buying them low priced to sell them when their price is high.

During the test phase that the company is in right now a total of more than 3,500 MTKN tokens were created so far and the company estimates that the numbers can reach millions in the future.

The MultiTKN Team

The company states that eight people are the core team that created and manages this company: Vasily Trofimchuk, Anton Bukov, Andrey Shashlov, Vitaliy Menshenin, Dmitry Vasilenko, Konstantin Melnikov, Anastasia Kovner and Daniil Sheludchenko.

MultiTKN Verdict

This seems like a good choice for people who do not trust indexes and funds completely. If you really want to be empowered and able to hold your own money and decide how you can use it, we are sure that you find something that you like using MultiTKN.

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