What Is MUNCoin?

Muncoin is a modern coin for GPU mining. It uses the SKUNK algorithm. The blockchain includes masternodes, which provide lucrative MUN income to masternode owners. Masternodes run with sentinel to bring more stability to the network. A base block consists of 10 MUN, which starts at block 1728. Masternode rewards are half of the block reward.

MUNcoin is currently listed on coinexchange.io, Stocks.Exchange, Tradesatoshi and Coinsmarkets and will be listed on more exchanges in the near future.

MunCoin GPU Mining Coin & Masternode Network Roadmap

  • Profitable masternodes—they did not try to make masternodes with the highest ROI, but users receive pleasing dividends.
  • More information on analytical services—they try to provide as much information as possible to their users.
  • New design for site and wallet—their designers work hard to provide users with not only an updated website, but also something fresh and comfortable.
  • Honesty at the helm of new big changes—honesty is the main thing. The MUNCOIN team understands how important it is to have the bidding platform. The platform is secure, reliable, safe, and most importantly, fair to all users.
  • Mobile wallet availability—they want their users to get access to their coins as fast as possible. However, ‘fast’ does not mean ‘insecure’—the security of their customers is their first priority.
  • Safety at the helm of updates—the platform performs codebase updates as soon as possible and safely. They will be updating their database—bitcoin code, to the last versions.
  • Zero coin protocol with complete anonymity—the platform seeks to implement zerocoin protocol for absolute anonymity in all transactions.

MunCoin Team Values

The MUN coin team strives for excellence, transparency and a strong community involvement. At MUN Coin, they believe that while a strong technical mastery and development team makes a good coin, an involved and happy community is what drives it. Therefore, they have the community at heart with all developments and the future of the coin.

MunCoin Pre-Mining

The MUN Coin pre-mining is 4.5% of the max supply. This pre-mine is to be used for the following

  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Presale/auction which will generate funds to pay for exchange listings
  • Development Fund
  • Airdrops
  • Bounties
  • Marketing Campaigns in the community

The purpose of the airdrop is to create a sustainable coin as all services in the cryptocurrency world have fees tied to them. The team plans to pump the pre-mine back into the community and use it to build MUN further into all that it can be.

MUNCoin Final Thoughts

The future of MUN is bright. As of this writing, the platform is steadily moving down the proposed roadmap, which many items already checked off and added to the portfolio of the MUN project. They strive to uphold the high quality service we have provided thus far in all future items down the roadmap.

As community involvement is key, they are open to feedback from the community as to the future developments they have in store. Any suggestions are welcome and will be considered by the team. They encourage involvement from the community to help them make this coin the best that it can be.

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