Munt lets any website accept cryptocurrencies with just a few lines of code. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Munt?

Munt, found online at, is a cryptocurrency payment platform that consists of just a few lines of code. You add that code to your website, and then you can instantly begin accepting cryptocurrencies. The service is available to website developers and mobile app developers. You can integrate Munt into your website using its REST API, its JS library, or its PHP library.

Also known as Munt Checkout, the payment platform emphasizes easy refunds, multi-cryptocurrency support, and easy integrations. You’ll pay a 1% fee for all cryptocurrency transactions.

How Munt Accepts Crypto Payments For Website Checkout Works

Munt lets you install a cryptocurrency payment form on your website with just a few clicks. You can view the code online today at Or, check a demo to see the platform in action.

Once the payment platform’s code is installed on your website, you can use the dashboard to monitor payments. Monitor payments and manage checkout information online at any time. The dashboard has sections for refund requests, checkout forms, and account settings. You can also view your total transaction volume for different cryptocurrencies, allowing you to track the popularity of various payment methods over time.

Munt can be integrated into any website or app. The payment platform has a REST API, a JS library, and a PHP library.

Munt Features

Munt offers all of the following features:

  • Email Receipts: Munt will send out email receipts automatically if a payment succeeds or fails.
  • Fast Checkout: Munt claims to drastically improve customer checkout times. Checkouts take only 3 minutes depending on connectivity.
  • Refunds: Munt will automatically create a refund when a payment fails or if the customer has paid too much or too little for their order.
  • 6+ Cryptocurrencies: Munt lets users accept and withdraw bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, with more cryptocurrencies added in the future.
  • Integrations: Munt can easily be integrated into every website or app with its JS library, PHP library, and REST API.
  • Customizable: Munt lets you fully customize the checkout form.

Munt Pricing

Munt offers two different pricing levels, including “Pay As You Go” pricing and Enterprise pricing:

Pay As You Go: 1% fee with no setup fees or monthly costs. You pay for only what you use. Fees are charged on withdrawals. It’s designed for small businesses and individuals.

Enterprise: Volume discounts, 24/7 support, integration service, custom checkout URLs, and other features.

Who’s Behind Munt?

Munt was founded in 2017 by a developer named Sven van der Zee based in Leeuwarden, Netherlands. The goal of the platform was to create an easy payment gateway for accepting multiple cryptocurrencies.

Munt Conclusion

Munt is a no-nonsense cryptocurrency payment platform that lets you accept multiple cryptocurrencies by adding just a few simple lines of code to your website. After adding that code, customers can interact with the Munt platform and pay using six different cryptocurrencies. Munt charges a flat fee of 1%, although enterprise users can pay loser fees with customized pricing.

To learn more about Munt, or to add the cryptocurrency payment platform to your website today, visit online at


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