What Is Musk Project?

Musk is a decentralized high technological blockchain-based platform that allows for new generation trade and access to angel investors. The platform further allows users to make transactions with no load transfer fee.

The musk project was developed in 2017 as the cryptocurrency platform for the future. It is always open to new ideas and projects in the crypto industry. The project will be able to find new audience and ideas thanks to the Mask coin. The Musk coin will be used as a means of exchange in the Musk platform.

How Musk Project Invest & Trade Cryptocurrency Project Works

The Musk platform accepts new ideas and projects and provides individuals and businesses with a platform to present their projects. The platform will evaluate the ideas and projects and eliminate the inappropriate ones and target to work with the owners of the ideas that seems profitable and beneficial. These are presented to the angel investors and the Musk community. Projects that are suitable for the platform will be supported by the Musk project while others will be taken up by the angel investors. The angel investors will invest their funds and expertise in the projects under certain agreements with the help of smart contracts.

The angel investors will provide funds for the business to grow. The investors might also purchase shares according to how much money they fuel into the project. They will also provide support and consultancy services to the startups ensuring the success of the projects.

The Musk network will allow interactions between project owners and investors. The community will find a platform to share ideas and information. Project owners and entrepreneurs will also get help with their innovative ideas. Additionally, the platform allows the users to make beneficial, lasting connections with others.

The Musk platform will use the RSA algorithm to create its wallet. The RSA technique uses the base64 data to verify if the user’s key match. In case of a match, the user can access the wallet interface to make fast, no-load, and easy transactions. The wallet uses this algorithm to enhance safety. This two-key encrypting system uses both public and private keys. It has a high degree of reliability, and it is ideal for authentication in platforms where there are large data users. It allows for safe data sharing.

Musk Project Advantages

  • High performance as the system can do thousands of transactions in a second.
  • A wide network where users can form relationships and network with investors and project owners from all over the globe
  • A platform that allows project owners to access capital and mentoring from angel investors
  • Low fees since transactions will be made at no load transfers
  • A pictographic user interface that is in sync with all browsers
  • A Musk wallet that can be used for easier and instant exchanges

Musk Project MSK ICO Details

The initial coin offer for the Mask coin is underway having started on 16th March this year. There will be 700, 000,000 tokens available for purchase during the ICO. The coin will be valued at 1 MSK=$0.10

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